Overheads for Unit 9--Chapter 14 (Assembling, Administering, and Evaluating a Test)


OH 1
Review of Steps in the Test Construction Process

Already studied

This weekís topic


OH 2
Assembling the Test

  1. Record items on index cards
  2. Double-check all individual test items
  3. Double-check the items as a set
  4. Arrange items appropriately, which usually means:
  5. Prepare directions
  6. Reproduce the test

    OH 3
    Administering the Test

    The guiding principle

    Physical conditions

    Psychological conditions



    OH 4
    Scoring the Test

    Selection-type items

    Supply-type items


    OH 5
    Appraising the Test

    Pre-administration appraisal

    Post-administration appraisalóSelection-type tests

    Post-administration appraisalóEssay and performance tests


    OH 6
    Item Analysis


    To determine whether each item was effective


    1. Basis for efficient class discussion of results
    2. Basis for remedial work
    3. Basis for changing instruction
    4. Basis for greater skill in test construction

    How to conduct a simple item analysis


    OH 8
    Cautions in Interpreting Item Analysis Results


    1. Do not assume that better discriminating power means higher validity
    2. Do not assume that low discriminating power means low validity.
    3. Keep non-defective items with low discrimination indexes when they are needed to cover the domain of learning outcomes. Discarding them lowers validity.
    4. Donít put too much weight on results from small samples (chance factors make them unstable)
    5. Remember that discrimination and difficulty depend on many factorsóthe mix and level of abilities in a classroom, instruction given, etc.óand may not apply to your next group.

    Bottom line

    1. An item is technically adequate if:
    2. But technical adequacy isnít enough


    OH 9
    Applying Item Analysis to Performance-Based Assessments

    Applicability is limited

    What can be done, sometimes


    OH 10
    Building an Item Bank

    Simple advice