Overheads for Unit 10--Chapter 18 (Test Selection, Administration, and Use)



OH 1
Principles of Proper Test Use

 OH 2
Selecting Appropriate Tests



  1. Define testing needs
  2. Narrow the alternatives
  3. Locate suitable tests
  4. Get specimen sets (for finalists)
  5. Review the test materials

 OH 3
Administering Published Tests



  1. Review Test Giverís Checklist (p. 467)
  2. Motivate students to do their best
  1. Follow directions strictlyóessential!
  1. Keep time accurately
  2. Record significant events
  3. Collect tests promptly

 OH 4
Improving Studentsí Test-Taking Skills

Sensible to provide students some common-sense tips on test-taking (there is no magic, except to know the material)
  1. Listen to or read directions carefully
  2. Listen to or read test items carefully
  3. Set a realistic pace
  4. Bypass and return to difficult items later
  5. Make informed guesses rather than not answering
  6. Eliminate as many alternatives as possible before guessing
  7. Follow directions carefully in marking the answer sheet
  8. Check that item number and answer number match when marking an answer
  9. Check that the appropriate response was actually marked
  10. Go back and check answers if time permits


OH 5
Unsound and Unethical Test Preparation Practices





OH 6
Possible Uses of Published Tests

  1. Plan Instruction

o       Forces us to state objectives clearly

o       Clarifies how to measure our objectives

o       Indicates possible additional objectives

  1. Individualize instruction
  2. Identify needs of exceptional children
  3. Monitor educational progress over extended periods
  4. Provide parents with independent source of information

OH 7
Misuses of Published Tests

1.         Whenever there is:

        Inadequate attention to learning objectives

        Failure to recognize limited role of tests in total assessment program

        Unquestioning faith in test results

        Group tested differs markedly from the group for whom the test was designed

2.         To assign course grades (except when test and objectives are closely aligned for that purpose)

3.         As the sole basis for retaining students in grade or placing them in a remedial track

4.         To evaluate teaching effectiveness