The Bloom Taxonomy of Educational Objectives was revised Spring 2001.

This note describes the revisions that were recently made to the taxonomy reported in your textbook. It is easier to understand and use in many ways, so you may use either one you wish in doing your test construction project.

Review of the changes

First, the revised Bloom taxonomy gives slightly different names to the 6 levels of the hierarchy:

Second, the last two categories have been reversed, putting create (synthesis) as the most complex level.

As you can see, the verbs have also been clarified.

These changes clear up two big questions that many people had in trying to use the taxonomy.

  1. What is the difference between comprehension and application?
  2. What does evaluation really mean?

Source for revised taxonomy: Anderson, L. W., & Krathwohl, D. R. (2001). A taxonomy for learning, teaching, and assessing: A revision of Bloom's taxonomy of educational objectives. New York: Addison Wesley Longman.