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Keeping Up

After completing this module, you will be able to:

SmartBrief Newsletters

SmartBrief delivers news across a wide range of industries. Follow this link to www.smartbrief.com/subscribe, then select Education and choose Ed Tech.

Magazines and Web Sites

CNET is a good place to do comparison shopping on a wide range of technology products. You can also subscribe to one or more of the CNET podcasts.

ZDNET is another good source of technology news and reviews.

TERC is an education research center focusing on the improvement of mathematics and science education.

T.H.E. Journal Online is devoted to technological horizons in education (THE).

Tech & Learning is online at www.techlearning.com.

Wired.com is a technology news website where you can also subscribe to Wired magazine.

Campus Technology, an online website that also prints a magazine devoted to the use of technology in higher education, has RSS feeds devoted to the use of technology in higher education.

Cinefex is a quarterly magazine that takes you behind the scenes and shows you the special technologies and multimedia effects used in motion pictures today.

Clickz covers social media marketing. Go to clickz.com and follow the link to subscribe to the latest news and insights.

Gizmodo tracks emerging technology. Go to gizmodo.com, then scroll down to the page bottom and follow the link to subscribe to the Gizmodo newsletter.

Professional Associations

AECT is the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

ISTE is the International Society for Technology in Education. ISTE has a couple dozen communities you can join. Log on to ISTE, then subscribe to an ISTE Community.

SALT is the Society for Applied Learning Technology.

EDUCAUSE covers higher education. Go to www.educause.edu, follow the link to Educause Review, then scroll down to Subscribe Now.

Conferences and Exhibits