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Clip Art

Creating graphics by hand is time-consuming. To save time there are extensive libraries of clip art that you can use in multimedia productions. By conducting this Google search for clip art, you will discover dozens of online clip libraries. Many have broad, general categories including photographs, icons, animations, background tiles, buttons, and bullets, while other libraries focus on a visual theme such as nature or scientific images. You can usually use clip-art images royalty free, but make sure you read the license carefully because restrictions may apply. You may be required to include a courtesy hyperlink to the clip library's Web site, for example.

Another way to find images is to use Google Images, which includes an option to see only images that are freely sharable. Always check the license, however, to be sure that you are observing the author's rights.

Image Editing

Here are links to tools you can use to edit images. Photoshop (from Adobe) is not free but Pixlr (from Autodesk) is.