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Multimedia Frontiers

After completing this chapter, you will be able to:

Electronic Publishing

How much longer will books, magazines, and newspapers continue to be printed on paper? Anyone who has used hypertext knows how printed manuscripts pale by comparison. Printed manuscripts do not contain links that let you expand the text and navigate to related information; hot words that let you trigger explanatory sound tracks, videos, or animations; or full-text Boolean (AND, OR, NOT) searching that lets you locate quickly the material you need. Follow the Multilit Web site links to emerging technologies that are making electronic publishing become a reality. See especially the Microsoft Reader timeline, which predicts that by the year 2020, 90% of all book titles will be sold in electronic rather than paper form, and Webster's Dictionary will have changed its first definition of book to mean, "a substantial piece of writing commonly displayed on a computer or other personal viewing device."

Regulating the Internet

Many citizens are concerned about how the government goes about developing policies to regulate the Internet. So many people are concerned about this that the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has become one of the most frequently visited sites on the Web. To see for yourself, follow this link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and while you are there, decide for yourself whether you want to join the organization. Instructions for joining are provided at the EFF site.

Virtual Reality

Multimedia computers can show any picture, play any sound, and link any word of any document or any part of any picture to any object on your computer. What's missing? A better human interface. We need better ways for users to communicate with multimedia computers. Follow this link to learn how the Web3D Consortium is working to bring virtual reality to the Web.

Google Cardboard

Google helped speed the adoption of 3D virtual reality with its Google Cardboard product. The virtual environments freely available, such as battles in ancient Rome or a fascinating climb up Mount Everest, reward the time you will spend gearing up. My iPhone Xs was too big for the Google Cardboard so I bought the Desktek VR headset.