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PowerPoint Text Editing

If you have chosen PowerPoint as the tool for creating your multimedia project, the resources on this page will help get you started. After completing this module, you will know how to:

Creating a Blank Presentation

To get started learning how to create an original PowerPoint application, watch this movie to learn how to create a blank presentation.

Entering Text

You should watch this movie to learn some techniques for entering WYSIWYG text.

Saving a Presentation

To learn how to save the practice presentation you've been working on, watch the Windows or the Macintosh version of this movie.

Positioning Text

This movie teaches you how to position the text you have entered so far.

Sizing Text

You can watch this movie to learn how to size your multimedia text.

Selecting Fonts

There are many fonts you can use on your multimedia screens. Watch this movie to find out how.

Coloring Text

Colors, when used judiciously, can brighten your text or make it appear more clearly on a colored background. This movie shows you how to color your multimedia text.

Background Color

Change the background color when you want to alter the contrast or feeling of a screen. Watch this movie to learn how.

Inserting More Text

Sometimes you need to make more text boxes to position additional text where you want it on the screen. This movie shows you how to insert more text boxes on a multimedia screen.

Copy and Paste

You can save a lot of time by learning how to copy and paste text. Watch this movie to learn how to copy and paste text on a multimedia screen.

Special Symbols

There is a wide range of special symbols you can insert on a multimedia screen. Watch this movie for a tutorial on inserting special symbols in a PowerPoint presentation.

Outline Editing

Editing your application's outline is a technique that can not only save you time but also can improve the structure of a presentation. Watch this movie to learn how to edit the text of a presentation in outline view.