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PowerPoint Triggers and Hyperlinks

After completing this module, you will be able to:


Linked text is called hypertext. Watch this movie to learn how to create hypertext.

Hyper Pictures

Just as hypertext is text that has been linked, so also is a hyperpicture a picture that’s been linked. You can link any picture to any file or Web resource on your computer or its network. Watch this movie to learn how to create a hyperpicture.

Editing Links

Sometimes you'll need to change a hyperlink. For example, if a Web address changes, you'll need to edit the hyperlink to update it. If a Web site goes out of business altogether, you'll need to remove the link. This movie shows you how to edit or remove a link.

Action Buttons

PowerPoint has a set of action buttons that you can place anywhere on any screen to make a wide variety of things happen. You can link buttons to the beginning or end of your presentation, for example, to provide a quick way for users to restart or exit your application. You can link to individual screens, to provide a way for users to navigate their way through your application. If you're connected to the Internet, you can link to Web pages all over the world. You can either use built-in shapes or create your own custom action buttons. You can even add audio so the action buttons make sound when clicked or moused over. Watch this movie for a demonstration.

Adding Sound

A cute effect used in some applications is to have the mouse clicks make sound effects when the user clicks the mouse to trigger a link. You can have the mouse make a clicking sound, for example, or you could make a link to a document make the sound of someone opening a book and flipping through its pages. PowerPoint comes with a library full of default sounds that you can add to your hyperlinks. Watch this movie to learn how to add a default sound to a hyperlink.