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PowerPoint Multimedia Effects

After completing this module, you will be able to:

Slide Transitions

PowerPoint lets you make a wide variety of slide transitions. You need to be careful not to overuse them. You don't want to put a different kind of transition on each screen of your application. Instead, you can change the transition effect to indicate the beginning of a new section of a presentation, or to emphasize a certain slide. To learn how to make slide transitions, watch this movie.

Sound Effects

When you learned how to make a slide transition, you may have noticed the option to make a sound effect play during the transition. Be careful not to overuse this feature, because it's quite ok and often preferable for a slide to dissolve silently. When you do want a transitional sound effect, this movie shows you how to do it.

Preset Animation

The quickest way to create an animation is to use one of the preset methods. This movie shows you how.

Custom Animation

PowerPoint lets you create some intricate custom text animations. You can set up the way you want the text to appear on your slide, such as to fly in from the left, for example, and you can set the text to appear by the letter, word, or paragraph. This movie shows you how to create a custom animated text.

Sound Files

A wide variety of sound files are available to you from the clip gallery. Watch this movie to learn now to insert a sound file from the clip gallery onto a slide.

Movie Files

You can insert a movie clip and size and position it on any screen where you want it to play during a slide show. This movie shows you how.

Animated GIFs

Animated GIF images are one of the simplest yet most effective means of getting motion on screen. This movie shows you how to insert animated GIFs anyplace on a PowerPoint screen.