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Module 8: Avoiding the Aggregators

As you work through the process of publishing a book in the Apple iBookstore, problems may arise that make you wonder if you have the level of technical skill needed to complete the publication process on your own. Through experience, Apple has anticipated the points at which you may need to consider hiring an aggregator to "simplify the task." The live webframe below displays Apple's current list of recommended aggregators. By studying the column heads, you can see the kinds of tasks for which you can hire aggregators to help. In this course, you can hopefully learn to do these things yourself, thereby avoiding the aggregators. Note: If the frame below is empty, you may need to log on to iTunes Connect for access to this info. In the Deliver your Content module in iTunes Connect, follow the link to Book Production and Delivery Services to see Apple’s recommended EPUB conversion houses. Services include ePub Creation & Conversion, iBooks Author Design & Production, Video Encoding, Authoring & Creative Services, and Aggregation & Delivery Services.