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Module 5: Writing Multi-Touch Books with iBooks Author

iBooks Author is the Macintosh app for creating multi-touch books for the iPad. There is happily no charge for getting iBooks Author, which you can freely download from www.apple.com/ibooks-author/ where there is a movie that beautifully shows its features. The only string attached, which you must agree to when you accept the iBooks Author license, is that you must publish in the iBookstore if you charge money for your book. If your book is free, you can publish it wherever you want, but if you charge money for your multi-touch book, you must publish it in the iBookstore.

If you know how to use Pages, you will find that iBooks Author works much the same way. In addition, iBooks Author adds powerful new features, including a book navigator that helps you move around the various chapters, sections, and pages in your book. There are also widgets, which enable you to add multimedia and interactivity to your book. Your course textbook, Publishing with iBooks Author, provides the following tutorials that you should work through to learn the following:

A great way of exploring the capabilities of iBooks Author is to download and explore the free chapters that are available from the following textbooks created with iBooks Author:

Printed below is a quick list of the widgets that you see featured in the sample chapters. See also Apple's widget overview that is online at support.apple.com/kb/PH2789.