Post It Poll
This simple strategy is useful prior to a debate or discussion as a way for instructional planners to see if there are actually differences of opinion that might enhance the discussion (or require the teacher to assume a “devil’s advocate” role). This strategy can also be used to invite changes of opinion and to gauge the impact of the discussion.
  1. Distribute 1 small sticky note to each student.

  2. Ask students to write their names on the sticky note.

  3. Introduce a topic for discussion or debate topic and pose the topic as a question (e.g. representation - how should elected representatives represent us?).

  4. Post signs on opposite sides of the board that identify different positions students might take in the discussion or debate (e.g. trustee v instructed delegate).

  5. Invite the students to walk up to the board and place their sticky note under the sign (i.e. position) that they support.

  6. Conduct the debate.

  7. Invite those who have changed their minds as a result of the discussion to go up to the board and move their sticky note.



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