DSSEP Home Page Concept Formation

1. Identify a concept that you plan to teach (e.g. civic responsibility).


2. Create 4 examples of the concept using a plus sign (+) or a smiley face to indicate that it is an example of the concept.


3. Create 3 non-examples of the concept using a negative sign (-) or a frowning face to indicate that it is a non-example.


4. Present examples and non-examples one at a time in alternating progression.


5. Have the students guess what the concept is as each example or non-example is presented.


6. Do not reveal the concept until all examples and non-examples have been presented.


7. Use the positive examples to flesh out the qualities or definition of the concept.

Example of Concept Formation Acitivity:
What is the Concept?
(+) obeying the law

(-) free speech

(+) paying taxes
(-) remain silent
(+) military service
(-) obtain a driver's license
(+) serving on a jury



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