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Geography and Children's Literature
Primary Reading
(Grade Levels K-2)

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All Kinds of Children Norma Simon Place, Relationships Beautifully illustrated watercolors accompany the narrative which describes things children all over the world have in common; food, clothing, love, play, physical attributes, and the likes.
Is Anybody Up?
Ellen Kandoian
Early one Saturday morning a little girl named Mollie woke up to a quiet house. While her family still slept, other people and animals who lived in the same time zone awoke and greeted those around them.
Mapping Penny's World Loreen Leedy Location: Map-making and map reading In simplistic and colorful ways, this book shows children how to create maps of their familiar surroundings.
Diane Siebert
Place, Relationships, Region
This epic poem is great for reading out loud. The author uses the text and illustrations to describe the beauty of the Mojave desert and the story of its people's history.
My America: A Poetry Atlas of the United States* Selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins Place, Region, Relationships This is a compilation of Poems, organized by region, about the geography of all the states in the Union. Poets featured in the atlas include; Langston Hughes, Carl Sandburg, Nikki Giovanni, and Lilian Moore. Illustrations by Stephen Alcorn.
My Cousin Katie
Michael Garland
Place, Relationships
A young child, excited at the prospect of visiting Cousin Katie, describes her farm in rich detail.
People* Peter Spier Place, Relationships This book explains and illustrates the differences and similarities of people all over the world.
Tar Beach
Faith Ringgold
Place, Movement
As Cassie lies on the roof of her apartment building, which is known as Tar Beach, she imagines herself flying over famous New York City landmarks. In her daydream the beautiful sites belong to her, a reward for the injustices her family has suffered.
The Empty Lot
Dale H. Fife
Place, Relationships
The book's main character, Harry Hale wants to sell a small piece of land that had once been a part of his grandfather's farm. However, when he visits the lot he discovers that the overgrown land is home to many animals, and he has a change of heart.
The Life and Times of the Apple*

Charles Micucci

Place, Relationships, Region, Location This book provides information about apples, while teaching students to think geographically.
Time To Go
David and Beverly Fiday
Place, Relationships, Movement, Region
Although this book does not contain a lot of text, there are many good vocabulary words. The story illustrates a young boy's final trek around his family's farm on the day they move to a new home.
Window* Jeannie Baker Location, Relationships This book tells a story through beautiful collage constructions of how rural areas become urbanized.

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