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Theme Addressed: Participation in Civic Life

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Participation in Civic Life in Children's Literature Grades: K-2 | 3-4 | 5-6 | Literature Index 

Title Author Subject Brief Description
Believing Sophie Hazel Hutchins Obeying Laws Little girl is falsely accused of shoplifting; her hurt and fear is illustrated until she is proven innocent.
Gus and Grandpa and the Christmas Cookies Claudia Mills Homelessness and giving Young boy and his grandfather spend the day making Christmas cookies and realize that they can take their surplus cookies to the children in the homeless shelter.
Jamaica Louise James* Amy Hest Community Involvement Story of young girl who creates a series of paintings to brighten up the subway station where her grandmother works. As a result of her paintings, everyone becomes friendlier and happier and the mayor recognizes the young girl's efforts.
Peacebound Trains Haemi Balgassi Military duty/civic duty Child misses her mother who is in the South Korean Army fighting the North Korean communists. Discusses sacrifices made by citizens serving in the military.
Peter's Place Sally Grindley Environmental disaster/community response An oil tanker spills oil on a part of the beach where Peter loves to play and feed the animals. Peter and others work nonstop for days to save the wildlife.
Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan Compassion and homelessness Tells the story of a young boy who is frightened by homeless people in his neighborhood until he helps his Uncle Willie out one day at the soup kitchen. The boy gains a new perspective on homelessness
Where Once there was a Wood** Denise Fleming Loss of environment/community projects Tells the story of the loss of wildlife habitat to human homes and what people can do to create new wildlife habitats.

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