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Theme Addressed: Rules and Laws

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Title Author Subject Brief Description
Applemando's Dreams

Patricia Pollaco

Classroom rules Applemando has many amazing dreams. When it rains his vivid dreams stick to surfaces and brighten up the drab village. With the linked lesson plan, students can learn about how rules can help them to achieve their dreams.
Arnie and the Stolen Markers*

Nancy Carlson

Shoplifting Laws Main character steals markers and then must work in the store he stole them from.
Better Not Get Wet, Jesse Bear

Nancy White Carlstrom

Following Rules Main character follows rules for when he is allowed to "get wet;" can use story to stimulate discussion of the purposes of a rule and when rules are applicable.
Everglades** Jean Craighead George Environmental Laws Presents story of the Everglades and how humans have endangered this habitat. Stimulates discussion on necessary environmental laws to protect this environmental treasure.
Freedom Summer* Deborah Wiles   Cilvil Rights during the Summer of 1964 This book takes place during the Summer when the Civil Rights act of 1964 was passed. Segregation, southern white retaliation to the law, and the willingness to stand up for what you believe are exposed through the friendship of two young boys, one white and one black.
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse*

Kevin Henkes

Classroom Rules Lilly gets in trouble for disobeying a rule set forth by the classroom teacher and is subsequently punished.
Mailing May* Michael O. Tunnell U.S. Mail regulations May was shipped as a "baby chick" to her grandmother's house seventy-five miles across the Idaho mountains.  Her Uncle Leonard worked on the mail car of the train and helped deliver this unusual package, all forty-eight pounds of her including suitcase.  True story.  Delightful illustrations by Ted Rand.
Officer Buckle and Gloria** Peggy Rathmann Safety rules Police officer visits elementary schools with his trusty police dog, Gloria, who is a big hit with the kids. A lot of illustrations.
Old Henry* Joan W. Blos Standards in the Community Neighbors get angry with the main character because he does not take care of his property and then realize too late that he had other good qualities that added to their community.
This Time, Tempe Wick Patricia Gauch Bill of Rights A young girl helps the Revolutionary soldiers who camp on her New Jersey farm in 1780, until they steal her horse.

Too Many Tamales

Gary Soto

Authority and Power A little girl wears her mother's ring without permission and loses it in the tamales she is making for a family celebration. She ends up eating more than her share of the tamales as she looks for the ring.
Thunder at Gettysburg Patricia Gauch Bill of Rights Tilly watches the Battle of Gettysburg from her attic window as though it were a circus. However, soon she finds herself drawn into the terrible and seemingly unending fray.

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