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Theme Addressed: Government

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Title Author Subject Brief Description
Feathers and Fools* Mem Fox Government/Arms Race Parable Peacocks and swans do not communicate with each other; they are fearful and distrustful and as a result each side builds up an "arsenal" and destroys each other. A baby peacock and swan decide to become friends and focus on their similarities rather than differences.
If I Were Queen of the World Fred Hiatt Authority/Limits To Power Queen is very powerful and self-indulgent; only the love of her little brother can reign in some of her unchecked and abusive power.
Kindergarten Show-Off Ann Martin Conflict Two friends are always competing with each other; teacher devises a way for girls to sort through their conflict by utilizing strategies and rules.
Too Many Tamales** Gary Soto Family "Government" Child fears she has lost her mother's diamond ring; children eat tamales to find ring but mother has it all along.
We the People: The Constitution of the United States of America Peter Spier Preamble of Constitution Author provides overview of Constitutional Convention and ratification, then uses illustrations to make each phrase in the preamble come alive for children.

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