2021 Doctoral Hooding Convocation | University of Delaware
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Order of Exercises

Procession of Degree Candidates

National Anthem

Sophia DiLeo
Master's Music Voice Student


Louis Rossi
Dean, Graduate College

Opening Remarks

Robin Morgan
Provost, University of Delaware

The Meaning of the Wearing of the Hood

Mary Martin
Associate Dean, Graduate College

Hooding Ceremony

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Calvin L. Keeler, Jr., Interim Dean

Biden School of Public Policy & Administration
Maria Aristigueta, Dean

College of Arts & Sciences
John Pelesko, Dean

Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics
Bruce W. Weber, Dean

College of Earth, Ocean & Environment
Estella Atekwana, Dean

College of Education & Human Development
Gary Henry, Dean

College of Engineering
Levi Thompson, Dean

College of Health Sciences
Kathleen S. Matt, Dean

Conferring of Degrees

Singing of the Alma Mater

Hail to thee proud Delaware,
In loyalty we stand.
We give thee thanks
for glorious days
Beneath thy guiding hand.
Full often will we praise thy name,
Thy colors proudly bear;
We lift our voices now to sing
All hail to Delaware.

Closing Remarks

Louis Rossi
Dean, Graduate College

Recessional of Degree Candidates

Degree Candidates by College

  • * Cum Laude candidate
  • ‡ Summa Cum Laude candidate
  • † Magna Cum Laude candidate
  • § Degree with Distinction candidate
  • ✩ U.S. Military – Active Duty, Reserve or Veteran
  • + Degree conferred in 2020

The University of Delaware has photographers and/or videographers at today’s Commencement. By attending this event, you grant the University of Delaware permission to publish or display photographic or video images of you. Images may be used in any promotional material, publications or other applications.

Please contact the University of Delaware Office of Communications & Marketing at ocm@udel.edu if you have concerns with your image being used.

The flags included in today’s ceremony celebrate the over 50 American states and territories as well as over 100 foreign countries that are represented among the University of Delaware’s student body. The flags also pay tribute to the leadership role that University benefactor Pierre S. du Pont played in establishing the University’s Junior Year Abroad Program, the first program of its kind in the world.