Undergraduate Research Awardees 
and Their Activities
In September 1998 the Undergraduate Biological Sciences Education Program of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute awarded the University of Delaware a major four-year grant to support a variety on initiatives including undergraduate research. The goal of this initiative is to encourage the participation of undergraduates in active research programs relating to the biomedical sciences.  Students receiving support are listed below.

Check out presentations students have made this year and the trip six made to the Experimental Biology Meetings in Orlando, Florida.

Winter 1999 Awardees:
Nine seniors who were writing senior theses and applying for post-graduate education in the biomedical sciences were supported during Winter Session.
John Dueber, Biochemistry Jennifer Paulson, Chemistry Amanda Simons, Biochemistry
Brooke Heidenfelder, Biochemistry Ayis Theseas Pyrros, Biology Katherine Wong, Neuroscience
Lynne LaRochelle, Chemistry Stacey Sheasley, Biochemistry Richard Yoon, Biology

Summer 1999 Awardees:
Nineteen juniors and seniors received funding for their research during the Summer.  Many of these students, their faculty sponsors, and HHMI Program Staff visited Fort Delaware on an HHMI-sponsored outing July 21.
Eugene Antipov, Chemical Engineering Madhavi Vuthoori, Biology Kathryn O'Reilly, Biochemistry
Daniel Dries, Biohemistry/Russian Kelly Chisholm, Chemistry Jennifer Rutan, Biology
Adam Himebauch, Biology/biochemistry Isaac Hubner, Biochemistry Michael Scobelete, Biochemistry
Elizabeth Manning, Biology Amy Humfeld, Biology Lindette Thornton, Biochemistry
Elizabeth Richardson, Biology Jessica Jackowsky, Biology Stephen Tolhurst, Biochemistry
Matthew Russell, Biology/Anthropology Jacob LaPorte, Biochemistry Rhasheda Henley, Lincoln University
Elisabeth McCarty, Biology

Winter 2000 Awardees:
Five students received funding during Winter Session 2000.  Three of these students were also 1999 HHMI Summer Scholars.
Kelly Chisholm, Chemistry Erica Kutsch, Biology Elizabeth Manning, Biology
Isaac Hubner, Chemistry Laura Maliszewski, Plant Science

Summer 2000 Awardees:
The twenty-two students selected to be HHMI Research Scholars for the Summer 2000 include 2 sophomores, 15 juniors, and 5 seniors. Three of the seniors were Summer HHMI Scholars in 1999. The enrichment program for summer scholars includes a weekly meeting.
Nicole Goodwin, Chemistry Justin DiAngelo, Biology Jaimie Robinson, Biochemistry
Jacob LaPorte, Biochemistry Eric Evans, Biology Kelly Sewell, Biology
Jennifer Leszl, Biology John Heiss, Biochemistry Michael Usher, Biology
Jennifer Rutan, Biology Melissa Kuchar, 
Medical Technology
Laura Vella, Biology
Michael Scoblete, Chemistry Franchita Lockwood, Biology Kathryn Whitehead, 
Chemical Engineering
Susan Biehn, Biology Allison Olszewski, Biochemistry Janel Nixon, Biology (Del. State U)
Trocia Clasp, Chemistry (Del State U) Kathryn Payne, Biology Eric Pridgen, Chemical Engineering
Jennifer Crocco, Biochemistry

Winter 2001 Awardees:
Ten students received funding during Winter Session 2001.  Seven of these students have received previous HHMI Awards.
Eugene Antipov, Chemical Engineering Laura Maliszewski, Biotechnology Jennifer Rutan, Biology
Eric Evans, Biology Kate O'Reilly, Biochemistry Amanda Sheldon, Biology
Jacob LaPorte, Biochemistry Jaimie Robinson, Biochemistry Laura Tolen, Biochemistry
Michelle Denise Lazarus, Biology

Summer 2001 Awardees:
The following twenty-seven students were selected to be HHMI Research Scholars for the Summer 2001. They include 8  seniors and 17 juniors from the University of Delaware and one student each from Lincoln University and Delaware State University. Asterisks indicate Scholars who have recieved previous HHMI Awards. All new awardees are expected to attend a weekly enrichment program.
Sara B. Callaway, Biology Sarah Baisch, Medical Technology James Psathas, Biochemistry
Laurelle Cheeseboro, Lincoln U. John Bishop, Chemical Eng Erwin C. Puente, Biology
Chiara Ciotoli, Plant Biology Alexandra Cretu, Biology Aditya Sharma, Biochemistry
Kevin Crotty, Biology Richard Dombrowski, Chem Eng Courtney Smith, Medical Technology
Justin DiAngelo, Biology* Todd Greco, Biochemistry Benjamin Thuma, Biochemistry
Eric Evans, Biology* Erin Henninger, Biology Rozie Townsend, Del. State Univ.
Melissa Kuchar, Medical Technology* Erin Hill, Biotechnology Dana Ungerbuehler, Chemical Eng
Jaimie Robinson, Biochemistry* Devon Lump, Biology Lacy Weisenberg, Animal Science
Laura Vella, Biology* Karyn Oberman, Biology Alice Wong, Medical Technology

Winter 2002 Awardees:
The following ten students were selected to be HHMI Research Scholars for the Winter Session 2002.
Suzanne Biehn, Biology Erin Henninger, Biology Allison Olszewski, Biochemistry
Justin DiAngelo, Biology Nicole Hill, Biology Michael Usher, Biology
Valerie Dzubeck, Chemistry Karyn Oberman, Biology Kathryn Whitehead, Chem. Engineering
Todd Greco, Biochemistry

Summer 2002 Awardees:
The following twenty-nine students were selected to be HHMI Research Scholars for the Summer 2002. They include 17 seniors and 9 juniors from the University of Delaware, one student from Lincoln University, and two from Delaware State University. Asterisks indicate Scholars who have recieved previous HHMI Awards. All new awardees are expected to attend a weekly enrichment program.
Sarah Baisch, Medical Technology* Karyn Oberman, Biology* Swetha Jarugumilli, Biology
Lauren Baker, Biology Erwin C. Puente, Biology* Kholiswa Laird, Chemistry
John Bishop, Chemical Engineering* Courtney Smith, Medical Technology* Peter Lazzopina, Biology
Alexandra Cretu, Biology* Benjamin Thuma, Biochemistry* Megan Lynam, Biology
Richard Dombrowski, Chem Eng* Dana Ungerbuehler, Chemical Eng* Kari Reese, Biology/Med. Tech
Christopher Eller, Biochemistry Alice Wong, Medical Technology* Alisha Yallowitz, Biology
Todd Greco, Biochemistry* Jennifer Zak, Chemical Engineering Orlando Glasby, Delaware State
Erin Hill, Biotechnology* Gregory Abendroth, Chemical Eng. Barbara Nyatete, Lincoln Univ.
Bevan Kirley, Biology Alaina Brown, Biochemistry Emeka Okereh, Delaware State
Ian Musselman, Biology Dinu Cherian, Biology

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