Enrichment Program - Summer 2000 Undergraduate Researchers
(LSSURP, HHMI Scholars, Peter White Fellows, and others)

Wednesdays at noon, Wolf Hall 316C
(Bring your lunch)

  DATE           PROGRAM
June 7  No seminar
June 9 (Friday) Lab Safety Session 1-3pm, Wolf 316C
Robin Elliott, Director of Occupational Health and Safety
David Levansoski, Chemical Safety
Krista Murray, Biosafety
Bill Fendt, Radiation Safety
[Mandatory for all undergraduate researchers]
June 14 Student introductions and project summary presentations
June 21 Interactive Demonstration:
"What Color is Egg White? An Introduction to Scientific Inquiry"
Dr. Harold White (Dept. Chemistry & Biochemistry) 
June 28 Group Discussion:
"When to say No - Ethical Issues in Research."
Dr. Harold White (Dept. Chemistry & Biochemistry) 
July 5 Panel Discussion: 
"Paying for Science"
Dr. Daniel Carson (Chair, Dept. Biological Sciences) and
Dr. Bertrand Lemieux (Dept. Plant & Soil Sciences)
July 12 Group Discussion:
1. Student feedback on summer experience so far
2. "Communication in Science - Conferences (Talks & Posters) and Publications"
Dr. David Usher (Department of Biological Sciences) and
Dr. Harold White (Dept. Chemistry & Biochemistry)
July 19 Panel Discussion: 
"Preparing for Graduate and/or Professional School"
Dr. Cindy Farach-Carson (Dept. Biological Sciences) and
Dr. Norman Karin (Dept. Biological Sciences)
July 26 Panel Discussion: 
"Publishing in Scientific Journals"
Dr. Daniel Simmons (Dept. Biological Sciences) and
Dr. Melinda Duncan (Dept. Biological Sciences)
August 2 Special Seminar, "Research Careers in Industrial Settings"
Dr. Vicki Rosen (Genetics Institute, Cambridge, MA)
August 9 Life Science Summer Undergraduate Reseach Program
Student Oral Presentations
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