Odonatological Interests and Publications

Sympetrum ambiguum
(Blue-faced Meadowhawk)
Lums Pond State Park, New Castle Co. DE

Gomphus apomyius
(Banner Clubtail)
Fisher's Bridge, Sussex Co. DE

Hal White, now retired, earned his living as a Professor of Biochemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware where he worked since 1971. However, his interest in insects and dragonflies in particular precede his interest in biochemistry. Ever since he was a high school student in central Pennsylvania, he has had a fascination with dragonflies. It is a serious hobby that has taken him from Canada to Mexico and across the United States. He has published articles on the dragonflies and damselflies of Pennsylvania (1-3,5,&20), New Hampshire (8&11), Massachusetts (4,6,7,9,&14), and Acadia National Park in Maine (4,10,17,&31). He described the larval forms of two endangered species of dragonfly (6&12). He has been Corresponding Secretary (1982 - 1990) and Vice President (1990 - 1994) of the American Entomological Society and he currently serves as chairperson of the Society's Education Committee which oversees the Calvert Award and Insect Field Day annually.  Recently he published a book (42) on the Natural History of Delmarva Dragonflies and Damselflies in cooperation with the University of Delaware Press and the Delaware Nature Society.

Entomological Notes and Publications:

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