Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference
Hood College, Frederick, MD

Five University of Delaware students were among the 37 students from 12 colleges and universities who presented their research at the 68th annual Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference (ISCC) held at Hood College 24 April 2004. The University of Delaware freshmen who attended and observed this year's program took notes on a well-run program because they will be hosting the ISCC when they are seniors in 2007. Next years ISCC will be at Muhlenberg College.

University of Delaware Chemistry and Biochemistry Delegation to the 2004 Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference. 

From left to right:

Back Row: Prof. John Burmeister, Jimmy Sarakatsannis, Prof. Burnaby Munson, Julie Schwarzwalder, Brian Hanna, Aaron Chockla, Prof. Hal White 

Middle Row: Sarah Redding, Shweta Patel, Dan Silverio, Kate Frysinger 

Front Row: Heather Egolf-Fox, Katie Vodra, Anne Mowrey

Participating Students (left to right, back to front), Their Project Titles, and Research Mentors.

James Sarakatsannis (BS Biochemistry '04) Second Place, Biochemistry II: 
"Characterization of Salt Bridges in Proteins" 
(Prof. Yong Duan)

Heather Egolf-Fox (BS Chemistry '05), First Place Biochemistry II: 
"Controlling Neurite Outgrowth: AFM Analysis of Comb Polymer Patterned Features" 
(Prof. Thomas Beebe)

Julie Schwarzwalder (BS Chemistry '05) First Place, Inorganic Chemistry: 
"Synthesis and Characterization of Tpt-bu,Me ligand and Fe(I) Dinitrogen Complex" 
(Prof. Klaus Theopold)

Shweta Patel (BS Biochemistry '05) Organic Chemistry I: 
"Vanillin Synthesis from Molecular Br2 and p-hydroxybenzaldehyde" 
(Prof. Douglass Taber)

Sarah Redding (BS/Biochem '05), Second Place, Biochemstry I: 
"New Water-soluble Phosphines for Biochemistry" 
(Prof. Colin Thorpe)

Heather Egolf-Fox, Sarah Redding, Jimmy Sarakatsannis, Shweta Patel, and Julie Schwarzwalder with Dr. Catherine Fenselau, the plenary lecturer who spoke on, "After the Genome? The Proteome!"

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