73nd Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference
Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA 18 April 2009

Seven University of Delaware students were among the 47 students from 14 colleges and universities from Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware who presented their research at the 73nd annual Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference (ISCC) held at Franklin and Marshall College 18 April 2009. Next year's ISCC will be held at the University of Delaware on Saturday, April 24, 2010.
Pictures by James White

University of Delaware Chemistry and Biochemistry Attendees at the 2009 Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference.

From left to right: Kristen Nuzzio, Doug Desario, Timothy Gilpatrick, Michael Pirnot, Steve Tieriak, James Lansing, Steve Zucker, (Benjamin Franklin), Prof. John Burmeister, Nick Zeringo, James White, Thomas Bloss, Eric Bugglin-Borer, Charles Polotti, Prof. Svilen Bobev, and Alyssa Helreich,
Seated: Valerie Shurtleff,  and Sarah King. Not Shown: Derek Ahneman and Soma Jobaggy


The University of Delaware Presenters at the 73nd Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference.
Left to right: Steven Zucker, Douglas Desario, James Lansing, Michael Pirnot, Stephen Tereniak, Nicholas Zeringo, and Kristin Nuzzio.

Douglas Desario, (First Place Analytical Division) "Multivariate Analysis of the Fluorescence Decay of 3 Hydoxyflavone,” Associate Professor Sharon Neal, adviser.

James Lansing, "Stabilization of High Oxidation State Transition Metals,” Professor Klaus Theopold, adviser.

Kristin Nuzzio, "Characterization of Vanadium Haloperoxidase Mutants by V(51) Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy,” Associate Professor Tatyana Polenova, adviser.

Stephen Tereniak, "Synthesis and Characterization of a 'PS(2)' Ligand and [PS(2)NiX]BPh(4) (X = chloride, bromide, iodide) for Coordination Chemistry and Bioinorganic Modeling,” Professor Charles Riordan, adviser.

Michael Pirnot, (Second Place, Organic II Division) "Alkylpyridine Anion Chemistry -- Progress Towards the Synthesis of Lycopladine A and Monomorine,” Professor Douglass Taber, adviser.

Nicholas Zeringo, (Second Place, Physical Division) "FT-ICR MS Studies of Metal Sulfide Cluster Formation Using Electrospray Ionization,” Professor Douglas Ridge, adviser.

Steven Zucker, "Characterization of Carbonaceous Airborne Particulate Matter in Wilmington, Del.,” Professor Murray Johnston, adviser.

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