Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference
Villanova University, PA, 5 April 2003

Due to the conflict of Spring Break with the 67th annual Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference (ISCC), participation by University of Delaware students was less than usual with three students presenting talks. The conference was held at Villanova University. Next year's ISCC will be a Hood College on April 17, 2004.
University of Delaware Chemistry and Biochemistry Delegation to the 2003 Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference. 

From left to right:

Prof. Hal White, Christopher Eller, Benjamin Thuma, and Denise Birk.

Participating Students, Their Project Titles, and Research Mentors.

Christopher Eller (BS/Biochem '03), First Place, Biochemstry II:  "Structural Analysis of Pseudouridine Synthesis by Circular Dichroism" (Prof. Eugene Mueller)

Benjamin Thuma (BS/Biochem '03), Organic Chemistry I:  "Synthesis of alpha-methylcarbonyl-
4,5-dimethoxy-beta-tetralone from 4,5-dimethox-indenone via BF3.OEt2 mediated ring expansion" (Prof. Douglass Taber)

Denise Birk (BS/Chem '03), Inorganic Chemistry :  "Synthesis and Characterization of Iron tris(pyrazolyl)borate Complexes" (Prof. Klaus Theopold)
Chris Eller with first place award in the Biochemistry II Division.

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