Clean Sweep at Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference
Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA, 20 April 2002

All four University of Delaware students who presented their research at the 66th annual Intercollegiate Student Chemists' (ISC) Conference  received awards upholding a long tradition of participation and excellence at this event. The event at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania had additional significance for the UD delegation. The plenary lecture was presented by Prof. Ned Heindel (UD PhD 63), Howard Bunn Professor at Lehigh University, and a past president of the American Chemical Society. In addition, the former chair of the Chemistry Department at Lebanon Valley, Prof. Tony Neidig (UD PhD 48), received the first doctorate in Chemistry offered by the University of Delaware.
University of Delaware Chemistry and Biochemistry Delegation to the 2002 Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference. 

From left to right:

Allison Olszewski, Todd Greco, Michele Jablonski, Prof. John Burmeister, Valerie Dzubeck, Prof. Burnaby Munson, Denise Birk, and Kristine Nolin.

Participating Students, Their Project Titles, and Research Mentors.

Michele Jablonski (BS/CHEM/02), Second Place, Analytical Chemistry II:  "The Characterization of Binding Media using Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry" (Prof. Burnaby Munson)

Valerie Dzubeck (BS/CHEM/02), First Place, Organic Chemistry I:  "Design and Synthesis of Redox Potential Probes" (Prof. Joel Schneider, HHMI)

Allison Olszewski (BS/BIOC/02), Second Place, Organic Chemistry I:  "Synthesis of Estrogen Analogs and their Light-Activated Transcription Regulation" (Prof. John Koh, HHMI)

Kristine Nolin (BS/CHEM/02), First Place, Organic Chemistry II:  "Total Synthesis of Ginsenol"
(Prof. Douglass Taber)
University of Delaware Chemistry and Biochemistry Students who attended the 2002 Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Conference. 

From left to right:
Kristine Nolin (First Place Organic Chemistry II), Valerie Dzubeck (First Place Organic Chemistry I), Michele Jablonski (Analytical Chemistry II), Allison Olszewski (Organic Chemistry I), Denise Birk, and Todd Greco.

Allison Olszewski also received a Purple Heart Award for presenting her paper using her backup overhead transparencies after the projectionist failed to find her PowerPoint presentation on the master disk resulting in a considerable delay.
Kristine Nolin wraps up her prize-winning talk in the Organic II division.

UD Prize winners (Michele, Val, Allison, and Kristine) with distinguished UD Alumni (Ned Heindel and Tony Neidig). 

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