Dragonfly Society of the Americas
Northeast US Regional Meeting
June 9-12, 2005
State College, Pennsylvania

Rendezvous in Central Pennsylvania for a historic gathering to celebrate half a century of near-continuous monitoring of Ten Acre Pond, of one of the richest Odonate habitats in North America. Eighty-five species are known from this single locality. Almost single handedly and on a near weekly basis through the flying season, Clark Shiffer has surveyed the pond’s dragonflies and damselflies for decades. Even in 2004, the 50th year of survey work, he recorded two species new to the pond and a record number of 70 species. Among the more than 50 species to expect in the second week of June are Aeshna mutata (Spadderdock Darner), Anax longipes (Comet Darner), four species of Leucorrhinia, and nine species of Lestes.

While Ten Acre Pond may be the most famous locality in Central Pennsylvania and the focus of this meeting, there are bogs, streams, lakes, and a variety of habitats where Tachopteryx, Cordulegasters, Gomphids, Cordulines, and many other interesting species may be found. At least 90 species have been recorded at both Beaver Dam and Black Moshannon.
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Group Photo June 10, 2005 by Bryan Pfeiffer

Photo by Bryan Pfeiffer

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