M. taeniolata photo by Dave Czaplak
 "Pennant Pond", Idylwild Wildlife Management Area, Caroline County, Maryland.       Photo by Richard Orr

C. fasciata photo by Jim White

The 2011 Northeast Regional Meeting of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas will be held on the Delmarva Peninsula from Thursday evening, July 14 to Sunday, July 17. The base of operations will be in Dover, Delaware at Delaware State University. A block of 25 rooms have been reserved nearby at the Hampton Inn at $89/night. The room rate will be held for registrations until June 22 provided the block is not filled. See below for registration, housing information, meeting schedule, regional information, and species lists for various habitats.

The Delmarva Peninsula includes the state of Delaware, the Eastern Shore (of the Chesapeake Bay) of Maryland, and two counties of Virginia. Except for the northernmost parts of Delaware and Maryland, this is on the Coastal Plain with elevations less than 100 feet above sea level. While the Delmarva Peninsula is largely agricultural, there are numerous state parks and other natural areas that support interesting Odonata populations and distinctive habitats.  For example, the ponds produced by an abandoned sand mining area in Maryland's Idylwild Wildlife Management Area  near the border of Delaware has been surveyed extensively in recent years has turned up the following:  Somatochlora georgiana, Celithemis fasciata, Celithemis verna, Erythrodiplax  minuscula, Nannothemis bella, Libellula flavida, Enallagma dubium, Enallagma pallidum, Enallagma weewa, Nehalennia integricollis, and Telebasis byersi that are not often encountered in the Northeast US and should still be flying at meeting time. The Pocomoke River watershed is another area that supports interesting species often near their northern limit of distribution on the East Coast. Then there are salt marshes and tidal fresh water areas where other species like Libellula needhami, Brachymesia gravida, and Erythrodiplax berenice can be found. Nearly 130 species are known from Delmarva and hopefully new ones will be found during the meetings. These species are discussed in, “Natural History of Delmarva Dragonflies and Damselflies”, published in April.

Organizing Committee,
   Hal White, University of Delaware
   Kitt Heckscher, Delaware State University
   Jim White, Delaware Nature Society
   Jim McCann,  Maryland State Division of Natural Resources 

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Brandywine Creek State Park
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Chesapeake & Delaware Canal
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Fair Hill Natural Resource Mgmt Area
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Pocomoke River
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White Clay Creek State Park
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Woodland Beach WMA
Unicorn Lake
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Choptank River at Christian Park
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Lums Pond State Park
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Blackbird State Forest
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Tuckahoe State Park Idylwild Wildlife Management Area
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Trap Pond State Park
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Nanticoke River Maryland Rare & Endangered Species Richard Orr's
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