Ninth Summer
Undergraduate Research Symposium
University of Delaware, Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Audience for Dr. Scott Strobel's Plenary Lecture.

Dr. Hal White, Director of the UD HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Program, Presents a commemorative plaque to Dr. Strobel.

Students read the New York Times during Dr,. Strobel's plenary lecture.
Marysol Lavender speaks with Andrew Quon, program officer from HHMI, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Space was limited for eating lunch in the McKinly Lounge.
 Laura Reiter checks in students
at the Registration desk.

Hal White and Randall Duncan, Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences.
Catherine Sun and Dr. Lynn Mahaffy         Dr. Dave Usher        Robert Sheehan, Laura Sloofman,
& Zariel Johnson

Suranjit Mukherjee and his father at lunch.

Michele Fascelli, Dr. Deni Galileo, and Cory Bovenzi

Participants in the Sigma Xi oral presentations with Drs. Schmidt and Strobel.

Dr. Patricia DeLeon and Katharine Shelly

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