Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium
Wednesday, 12 August 2009
McKinly Laboratory
University of Delaware

Undergraduate Student Oral Presentations
Moderator- Dr. Bill Cain

061 McKinly Laboratory
(Titles linked to abstracts)
Photos of the Sigma Xi Awards for Best Talks

1:00 PM    Sharon Weaver, Junior Chemical Engineering Major
Mathematical Simulation of Drug Concentration in the Human Body:
                   Application to Nanomedicine and Pediatrics"

                 (Supervised by Professor Prasad Dhurjati, Department of Chemical Engineering)
                   Third Place in Sigma Xi Competition.

1:15 PM   
Rebecca Brown, Senior Biological Sciences Major
MicroRNAs Associated with Environmental Stress in Arabidopsis"
                 (Supervised by Professor Pamela Green, Department of Plant & Soil Science and
                 Delaware Biotechnology Institute)
Second Place in Sigma Xi Competition.

1:30 PM    Zariel Johnson, Senior Qunatitative Biology Major
Quantifying Interspecific Competition from BBS Time-Series Data"
                 (Supervised by Professors John Pelesko, Department of Mathematical Sciences and
                 Chris Williams, Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology)

1:45 PM    Daniel King, Senior Biolgy Major
                 "Investigation of the Mechanism Underlying Radiation Induced Bone Mass Loss
                 (Supervised by Professor Anje Nohe, Department of Biological Sciences)

2:00 PM    Jamie Stull, Senior Biological Sciences Major
"The Role of the Unfolded Protein Response in Cataract Development of Connexin50 Mutants"
                 (Supervised by Professor  Melinda Duncan, Department of Biological Sciences)

2:15 PM    Michael Napolitano, Junior Biochemistry Major
                 "Pathogenicity Islands Are Discrete and Ancient Integrative Elements:
                 An Evolutionary and Functional Analysis
                 (Supervised by Professor Fidelma Boyd, Department of Biological Sciences)
                 First Place in Sigma Xi Competition.

2:30 PM   
John Mosko, Junior Biological Science Major
                 "A Study into Research in Fields Relating to Neonatal and Pediatric Pulmonology"
                 (Supervised by Professor Thomas Shaffer, Department of Biological Sciences)

2:45 PM    Amy Styer, Senior Biochemistry Major
                     "Expression, Purification, and Characterization of a New Sulfhydryl Oxidase
                 from Trypanosoma brucei "

                 (Supervised by Professor Colin Thorpe, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry )

Judges for Sigma Xi Awards
Malcolm Montgomery, Director, Laboratory Services, Isogen, Newark, DE.
Nathan Ross, Adesis, New Castle, DE.
Carl Schmidt, Department of Animal and Food Science and President UD Sigma Xi chapter.

From Left to Right: Prof. Carl Schmidt (Sigma Xi Chapter President),  John Mosko,
Zariel Johnson,  Rebecca Brown,  Daniel King, Professor Scott Strobel (Symposium Plenary Speaker), Amy Styer, Jamie Stull, and Sharon Weaver. (Michael Napolitano, not shown)

Sharon Weaver receives the third place award from Dr. Carl Schmidt.

Rebecca Brown receives the second place award from Dr. Schmidt.

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