Eighth Summer
Undergraduate Research Symposium
University of Delaware, Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A large audience assembled in the Wolf Hall Auditorium for the plenary lecture by Dr. Lou Guillette, Prof. of Zoology at the University of Florida, Gainesville and an HHMI Professor. His outstanding talk
entitled, "Lessons from Wildlife: New Approaches to Understanding Environmental Contaminants and Health", touched on a spectrum of biological topics ranging from ecosystems and organismal biology to molecular biolgy and human health.

Dr. Guillette introduces the American Alligator, one of the reptiles he the animal he studies. It displays reproductive abnormalities associated with environmental pollutants that have estrogenic activity.

Dr. Guilette's talk generated many questions from the student audience ranging from, "How do you catch and alligator and get a blood sample?" to "Is it ethical to continue the use of DDT?"

Prof. White, Director of the UD HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Program, presented Dr. Guilette with a commemorative plaque and congratulates Dr. Guillette on his talk.

Dr. John Koh whose studies steriod receptors, discusses his work with Dr. Guillette.

Dr. Guillette talks with Seth Finger, a preveterinary students working on a molecular biology project.

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