A large audience assembled in the Wolf Hall Auditorium for the plenary lecture by Dr. David Lynn, Chairman of the Chemistry Department at Emory University and an HHMI Professor.


Research Symposium

Wednesday, 8 August 2007
University of Delaware

Prof. White, Director of the UD HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Program, presented Dr. Lynn with a commemorative plaque and congratulates Dr. Lynn on his talk entitled, "ORIGINS: Your Creative Research and Molecular Order."

Prof.. David Usher, Assistant Director UD HHMI Program and Prof. Hal White, Director pose with Dr. David Lynn after the plenary lecture.

Lisa Robinson and Laura Reiter, HHMI Staff, check in the 160 students with their posters.

The students and poster just keep coming and fill the available poster space along the halls of the McKinly Laboratory basement.

Lunch time in a corner of the McKinly sky light lounge area.

Prof. David Lynn and Prof. Hal White talk with
Olivia Gibson about her undergraduate research experiences.

Dr. Ray Yin, president of ANP Technologies, and Bob Dayton, President of the Delaware BioScience Association,  visited with students and discussed the students' research.

Hal White talking with  Svilen Bobev, Larry Cogburn and student.

How many students does it take to eat 13 six-foot long subs?

Participants from Delaware State University.

Prof. Charlie Riordan, chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry, introduced Prof. David Lynn

Dr. Lynn, What do you think about this idea?

Prof. Burnaby Munson, from Chemistry and Biochemistry, samples the food and surveys the scene with Dr. Joan Bennett, Director of the Undergraduate Research program.

Blueberry Genetics is really crazy.

What do you think, Eamon?

I've got a question for you.

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