Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium
Wednesday, 8 August 2007
McKinly Laboratory
University of Delaware

Undergraduate Student Oral Presentations
Moderator- Dr. Bill Cain

031 McKinly Laboratory
(Titles linked to abstracts)
Photos of the Sigma Xi Awards for Best Talks

1:00 PM    Patrick Knerr, Senior Biochemistry Major
Metal-triggered Hydrogelation of Designed β-hairpin Peptides
                 (Sponsor - Joel Schneider, Chemistry and Biochemistry)

1:15 PM   
Andrew Harmon, Senior Biology Major, Biochemistry Minor
                 Investigating Human and Drosophila Sprinter Function

                 (Sponsor - Erica Selva, Biological Sciences)

1:30 PM    Vivek Desai, Senior Biology & Philosophy Majors,  Religious Studies, Anthropology, & Biochem Minors
                     CD44 and Posterior Capsular Opacification (PCO)
                     (Sponsor - Melinda Duncan - Biological Sciences)

1:45 PM    Corrine Decker, Senior Biology Major
The Role of bB2-Crystallin in Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
                 (Sponsor -Melinda Duncan - Biological Sciences)

2:00 PM    Aly Bourreza, Senior Biochemistry Major, Spanish minor
                     Evaluating Anti-Androgen Resistance by In-Vitro Selection
                     (Sponsor - John Koh, Chemistry and Biochemistry)

2:15 PM     Rowan Michael, Senior Biology Major
Investigation of long-term effects of Nanoscale TiO2 on Murine Spermatogenesis
                  (Sponsor - Patricia A. DeLeon, Department of Biological Sciences
2:30 PM    
Jonathan Hullmann, Senior Biochemistry Major
Synthesis and Characterization of New Alkaline-Earth Metal Indium-Antimonides
                  (Sponsor - Svilen Bobev, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Presenters of talks in the Sigma Xi Undergraduate Research Competition. From left to right: Vivek Desai, Aly Bourreza, (David Lynn, Plenary Speaker), Corrine Decker, Andrew Harmon, Patrick Knerr, Rowan Michael, and Jonathan Hullmann.

Awards winners in the Sigma Xi Competition: Corrine Decker (Second Place), Patrick Knerr (First Place), and Aly Bourreza (Third Place).

Aly Bourreza learning that she had place third in the competition.

Gilberto Schleiniger, Bill Cain, Zhihao Zhuang, David Lynn, and Mary Ann McLane awaiting the award anouncements.

Judges for the Sigma Xi competition included: Bill Cain (Biology), Zhihao Zhuang (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Brian Bahnson (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Mary Ann McLane (Medical Technology), and Gilberto Schleiniger (Mathematics).

Participants, friends and mentors wait for the announcement of the winners of the oral presentations in the Sigma Xi Undergraduate Competition.

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