Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium
Wednesday, 8 August 2007
McKinly Laboratory
University of Delaware

Participants, Poster Locations or Talk Time, and Sponsor
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1:00 to 2:00 PM Odd-numbered Posters Attended by Presenters
2:00 to 3:00 PM Even-numbered Posters Attended by Presenters

Last Name First Name Poster Board No Funding Mentor(s) Title
Adelman Peter Purple 14 HHMI Twiss/Beebe Neurite Growth Preference between Laminin and Fibronectin Patterning
Ambrose Jennifer Blue 27 S+E Sikes Evaluation of Four Cell Viability Assays for the Construction of
Atchison Keith Blue 07 HHMI van Golen Gα12 Heterotrimeric Subunits and Rho Activation
Bah Mohamed Orange 22
S+E Nowak Noise Challenges for Achieving Pico-Tesla Sensitivity in Tunneling Magnetoresistive Sensors
Baldanza Vincent Green 10 USDA Schmidt Jun binding protein p21 SNFT as a target for Meq oncogene function
Barton Elizabeth Green 16 EPSCoR Tallamy A Comparison of Butterfly Foraging on Joe-pye weed and Butterfly bush
Bazzoli Tyler Yellow 21 HHMI Brown Identifying Biomarkers of the MHC Gene to Investigate Chemosensory Discrimination
Benavidez Ann Yellow 19 CHEM ALUMNI Zondlo Development of a Fluorescent Sensor of ErbB2 Kinase Activity for Application in Breast Cancer Research
Berg Amanda Blue 08 S+E Wang Expression of Survival Motor Neuron (SMN) Protein in Baculovirus
Bolton Laura Purple 16 INBRE Aveno Investigating Complementary and Alternative Medicine Within Nursing’s Scope of Practice.
Bosco Jeffrey Purple 01 S+E Chen Characterization of Supported PtNi and PtCo Bimetallic Catalysts 
Bourreza Aly Purple 11 & Talk 2:00  HHMI Koh Evaluating Anti-Androgen Resistance by In-Vitro Selection
Boyle Michael Purple 03 S+E Furst Creating Patterned Surfaces Using Particle Spreading at Air/Water and Oil/Water Interfaces
Brady Adam Blue 01 HHMI+INBRE Galileo Modeling Tumor Development: the Role of L1
Brady Marissa Green 21 EPSCoR Fox Development of analog Atlantic horseshoe crab bait for the American eel fishery: results from recent field trials
Carter Shannon Yellow 09 INBRE D'Sousa A Study of the Effect of a t-Butyl Group on the α-Carbon of Chloroformate Esters
Cheong Colleen Withdrawn HHMI Naik Developmental Expression Pattern of Calcium and Integrin Binding Protein 1 (CIB1)
Cherian Deepthi Yellow 02 HHMI Roberts Soluble Aggregates in Nonnative Aggregation of aCgn and a-La
Cooper Ashlee Blue 13 INBRE Harrington Investigating the Neurobiology of Sensory Processing and Learning in an Invertebrate Model System
Culver Stephanie Blue 02 HHMI Galileo The Effects of Cell Surface NgCAM Expression on Developing Chick Brain Axons in Vitro
Currier Jenna Purple 07 HHMI Colman Evaluation of Complementation Among Mutants of Human Adenylosuccinate Lyase
Decker Corinne Talk 1:45 HHMI DuncanM The role of bB2-crystallin in epithelial-mesenchymal transition
Desai Vivek Red 10 & Talk 1:30 Beckmann DuncanM CD44 and Posterior Capsular Opacification (PCO)
Dignan Michael Purple 08 HHMI Colman Stabilization of Human Adenylosuccinate Lyase Through Site-Directed Mutagenesis of Cysteine Residues
Dominica Carolyn Blue 24 CPW Selva The Function of N-Glycosylation in Drosophila Growth and Development:
Dougherty Lorna Green 06 USDA Keeler Multi-species Use of an Avian Microarray
Dreher Stephanie Yellow 13 HHMI Schneider Bulk Material Properties of β–Bulge Peptide Hydrogels For Tissue Engineering
Drummer Christopher Blue 30 HHMI-NUCLEUS Edwards Effects of Aging and Exercise on Endothelial Progenitor Cells
Edobor Osemeke Blue 11 DoD Sikes/VanGolen/F-C Adhesion Mediated Chemoresistance of Pc3 Cells to Docetaxel.
Eierman Jodi Green 01 EPSCoR Jackson Effectiveness of the Buck Effect in Inducing Out-of-Season Breeding in Goats
Elder Christopher Red 06 S+E DeLeon In Vitro TiO2 Nanoparticle Exposure and Its Effects
Eppes Elisabet  Blue 17 Nemours Hobson The effects of point mutations in PLP1 intron 3 on RNA splicing
Ferrara Kristen Blue 16 INBRE Fawcett Comparison of Cytokine Levels and Differential WBCs in Synovial Fluid
Fischel Jason Green 26 EPSCoR Sparks Arsenic Mobilization in the Critical Zone: Oxidation by Hydrous Manganese Oxide
Fisher Megan Blue 19 HHMI Hoyer Functional Assessment of Recombinant Human Bikunin
Fisher Grant Orange 18 S+E Hegedus Predicting the Lifetime Stability of Photovoltaic Modules Using Accelerated Environmental Testing
Fleagle Carly Yellow 04 HHMI Robinson Aggregation of a Model β-helical Protein in Solutions of Varying pH and Ionic Strength
Frank Sander Blue 28 S+E Sikes Localizing Compartmental Gene Expression in Urogenital Sinus (UGS)
Friedberg Carlyn Orange 03 S+E Papafragou Theory of Mind Development and Language Acquisition in Preschoolers
Fuentes Julio Blue 25 HHMI-NUCLEUS Selva The 7H24 mutation disrupts the Drosophila O-xylosyltransferase required for Heparan and chondroitin sulfate biosynthesis
Gambogi Alex  Yellow 24 INBRE Bauer Management of Pulmonary Carcinoids: An Institutional Experience
Gangloff John Orange 12 S+E Agrawal Design of a Wearable Upper Extremity Orthotic Exoskeleton
Gao Belinda Purple 04 S+E Lauterbach Ammonia Decomposition Catalysis for Hydrogen Generation for Fuel Cell Technology
Gentile Nicole Blue 26 CPW Selva Role of O-xylosytransferase in Drosophila melanogaster Cell Signaling: Phenotypic Characterization of 7H24
Gibson Olivia Red 04 HHMI-NUCLEUS Cooper H202-Induced Oxidative Stress in PC3s Increases Adhesion to BMECs
Green Stacy Green 05 USDA Dohms Characterization of Escherichia coli Isolates from the Delmarva Peninsula
Greenwood Abigail Yellow 25 INBRE Bauer Esophageal resections: An institutional experience
Grey Becky Red 16 CANCER GENETICS Farach-Carson Pathway to a Career in Genetic Counseling
Grindel Brian Red 17 HHMI Farach-Carson Regulation and expression of ERp57 in hepatocellular carcinoma
Harmon Andrew Talk 1:15 UDRF Selva Investigating Human and Drosophila Sprinter Function
Healy Jennifer Purple 19 INBRE Riley-Lawless Promoting The Family’s Role in Medication Reconciliation: A Telephone Intervention
Hill Norman Blue 29 HHMI Sikes Influence of Androgen on the Stability of IGFBP-2 mRNA
Hoffmann Kyle Purple 02 HHMI Dhurjati Mathematical Models for the Simulation of Gene Expression
Hullmann Jonathan Purple 05 & Talk 2:30  HHMI Bobev Synthesis and Characterization of New Alkaline-Earth Metal Indium-Antimonides
Huntley Margaret Blue 15 INBRE Barone Immunofluorescent Staining of Muscle Cell Membrane
Ireton Jennifer Purple 17 INBRE Hardie Laparoscopic Gastric Banding vs. Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Procedures for Morbid Obesity:
Isaacs Lauren Red 11 HHMI DuncanM Protein-protein Interactions of Arid2 and Prox1
Jackson Brittany Green 11 USDA Schmidt The Effects of High Pressure Treatment on the Conformation 
Blue 14
van Golen
The Roles of RhoG, Rac1, and Rac3 GTPases in PC-3 Human Prostarte Cancer Tumor Cell Diapedesis
Kasmari Allison Red 18 CANCER GENETICS Farach-Carson Identifying the potential gene targets of microRNAs involved in breast and prostate cancer
Kelly Jessica Red 24 CPW Rudolph Dorsiflexior and plantarflexor stimulation to aid in post-stroke hemiparetic gait
Knerr Patrick Yellow 10 & Talk 1:00 Beckmann Schneider Metal-triggered Hydrogelation of Designed β-hairpin Peptides
Knieriem Donald Orange 10 HHMI Braun The Structure of Social Networks and Its Role in Modeling the Spread of Infectious Disease
Knox James Red 12 INBRE DuncanR Regulation of early mechanotransduction responses by osteoblast adhesion to the extracellular matrix
Kostielney Mollie Yellow 26 S+E McLane The Disintegrin Eristostatin and Its Effects on Matrix Metalloproteinases -2 and -9
Koterwas Matthew Purple 18 INBRE Rempusheski An Exploration of Hispanic Mothers and Fathers Timidity and Respect as Perceived by Grandparents
Koyoshi Fumie Yellow 08 INBRE D'Sousa Understanding the Mechanisms of Reaction of Aryl Chloroformates 
Kuznekoff Laura Red 01   Boyd Analysis of the sialic acid synthesis genes neuA and neuB from V. vulnificus
Lagasse Grace Green 02 INBRE Burnside/Morgan Conservation of Nucleotide Sequence in microRNAs from MDV Field Isolates and Reference Strains
Lansing James Yellow 16 CHEM ALUMNI Theopold Synthesis of 1,1’- Diaminoferrocene
LaPenta Dante Purple 6a
EPSCoR Powers Science, Ethics, and Public Policy (SEPP) Program Website
Lapera Michelle Green 07 S+E Keeler Sequencing the Unique Short Region of Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus
Lavender Marysol Red 05 CPW? David Regulation of Spot14, a Gene Induced by Thyroid Hormone in Preadipocytes
Lavoie Danielle Blue 18 Nemours Hobson Copy Number Changes in the PLP1 Region in Patients with PMD
Lenihan Dawn Green 08 S+E Parcells Construction of Recombinant Marek’s Disease Viruses In Vivo
Lort Richard Orange 13 S+E Agrawal Use of Resonant Systems to Achieve Hovering Flight in Flapping Wing Micro Aerial Vehicles
Lovett Jackie Green 27 EPSCoR Wommack The Effects of Acidified Soil on Bacteria and Viruses
Madden Gregory Red 13 NIH DuncanR Shear-Induced Activation of Ras Homologous A (RhoA) GTPase
Majid Amber Red 19
HHMI DEAN'S SPECIAL Farach-Carson Characterization of Voltage Sensitive Calcium Channel Subunits in MLO-Y4 Osteocyte-Like Cells 
Marchesiello Greg Orange 06 EPSCoR Levia Formation patterns of radiation fog in relation to evapotranspiration in the Central Valley of California
McCartney Taima Red 27 S+E Kaminski Does Heading Frequency Affect Neuropsychological Test Performance In Interscholastic Female Soccer Players?
McCole Kathleen Green 14 S+E Miller The Use of the Inland Bays’ Beaches as Horseshoe Crab Nesting Sites (Limulus polyphemus).
McLaughlin Eamon Red 14 INBRE DuncanR The Role of Caveolin in Mechanotransduction in Osteoblasts
Michael Rowan Talk 2:15  HHMI DeLeon Investigation of long-term effects of Nanoscale TiO2 on Murine Spermatogenesis
Miller Daniel Purple 04b HHMI Lenhoff The Effects of Surfactant Mixtures and Phase Behavior on Membrane Protein Stabilization
Millner Patricia Blue 12 INBRE Brougher Development of an In Vitro Explant Culture System for the Avian Embryonic Lung to Examine 
Mills Timothy Green 28 INBRE Wommack Carbon Source and Acidification effects on Soil Microbial Ecologies
Mmagu Obinna Red 03 HHMI/McNair Carson The PPARα Agonist, Fenofibrate, Increases MUC1 Expression in T47D Breast Cancer Cells
Mogere Brenda Blue 10 DoD Sikes Ion Channel Therapeutics in Prostate Cancer
Morgan Jessica Green 19 S+E Williams The effect of riparian corridor width on the presence of invasive plants
Mylnarski Stacy Yellow 17 INBRE Theopold Synthesis of a Redox-Active Scorpionate Ligand
Myrick Stephanie Yellow 06 HHMI Sullivan Investigating the Utilization of Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1) as a Tool
Neal Krista Blue 05 HHMI Simmons Mutational Analysis of selected residues in the J-Domain and Hinge region of SV40 Large Tumor Antigen
Nguyen Aivi Blue 06 HHMI Usher Apolipoprotein C-I Production During Adipocyte Differentiation
Nigro Samantha Red 15 NIH DuncanR Viability and In Situ Intercellular Ca2+ Imaging of Bone Cells
Nuzzio Kristin Yellow 11 CHEM ALUMNI Polenova Isolation and Purification of Vanadium Haloperoxidase Mutants for Characterization by 51V Solid-State NMR
Ociepa Tomasz Purple 20 INBRE Pruitt  Small Molecule Inhibitors of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF)
Ogden Lindsay Red 23 INBRE & S+E Farguhar Exercise Pressor Reflex in Hypertensive Humans
O'Neal Kathryn Purple 6a
EPSCoR Powers Science, Ethics, and Public Policy (SEPP) Program Website
Pagels Rebecca Yellow 03 HHMI Roberts Effects of sorbitol on folding/unfolding and aggregation of a-chymotrypsinogen
Panunto Matthew Green 20 EPSCoR Allison Mapping the Loss of Wetlands in the Milford Neck Coastal Region of Delaware
Paras Kelsey Green 12 EPSCoR Hough-Goldstein Antipredator Defense of the Weevil Rhinoncomimus latipes a Biological Control Agent of Polygonum perfoliatum
Parkhurst Matthew Orange 07 S+E Shenton/Cha Biodegradation and Feasibility of Biocomposite Panels for Roofing Applications
Passarelli Andrea Yellow 14 HHMI Taber Alkyne Metathesis in Natural Product Synthesis
Paul Nikhil Orange 09 S+E Bohacek Wireless Signal Propagation
Penneys Laura Jane Blue 31 JR Life Sci Richards Coordination of upper and lower extremity forces in bi-directional static force production tasks. 
Peters Omar Orange 05 EPSCoR Legates A Comparative Evaluation of Tipping-Bucket and Weighing Raingages
Petroff Matthew Yellow 01 EPSCoR Lenhoff The Effects of Secondary Polymers Protein Adsorption on Cation Exchange Media
Pirnot Michael Yellow 15 CHEM ALUMNI Taber Preparation and Pasteur Resolution of Racemic Hydrobenzoin
Puzio Glenn Purple 04a EPSCoR Rabolt Macroscopic Alignment of Electrospun Gelatin and Collagen Nanofibers via the Hall Effect 
Reed Darneisha Yellow 08 INBRE D'Sousa Understanding the Mechanisms of Reaction of Aryl Chloroformates 
Reisinger Tessa Blue 09 HHMI Wang Use of a novel Pyrosequencing approach for Survival Motor Neuron Gene Copy Number quantification
Rhoades Tara Purple 12 HHMI Koh A Novel Approach to Altering Estrogen Receptor Function
Richards Matthew Red 20 HHMI Farach-Carson Identification of Conserved Elements in Human Perlecan Promoter by Comparative Analysis with the Mouse Orthologue.
Rivera Monique Green 13 EPSCoR Hough-Goldstein Antipredator Defense of the Weevil Rhinoncomimus latipes a Biological Control Agent of Polygonum perfoliatum
Romag Amanda Green 22 EPSCoR Bais/Pelesko Analyzing Magnaporthe oryzae Spore Behavior in the Presence of Host vs. Non-host Volatile Compounds
Russo Stephanie Blue 32 JR Life Sci Royer Treadmill Ambulation:  Potential for Improved Gait Symmetry
Samant Ritika Blue 23 Beckmann Naik Generation of Construct for the Identification of PDZ Domain Proteins Interacting with JAM-B
Sausen Mark Red 23 S+E Farquhar Exercise Pressor Reflex in Hypertensive Humans
Schaeffer Kelly Green 15 EPSCoR Shriver The Effects of Methylmercury and Calcium Availability on Wood Thrush Reproductive Success.
Schiffino Felipe Orange 04 S+E Stanton Differential Effects of MK-801 Dosage on Trace and Delay Eyeblink Conditioning
Schmiedel Lindsay Yellow 05 S+E Robinson Live Cell Imaging: Quantifying Expression of Fusion Proteins in Sacchromyces Cerevisiae
Schnell Courtney Orange 01 S+E Klintsova Neonatal one-day binge-like ethanol exposure results in the loss of neurons
Schnitker Jennifer Yellow 18 HHMI Theopold An Investigation of Cr(II) Pyrrolide Diimine Ligand Complexes
Schoenfeld Jason Red 25 S+E Rudolph Dynamic Stability in Medial Knee Osteoarthritis
Selekman Joshua Yellow 07 HHMI Sullivan Utilization of a Poly(ethylene glycol)-Amine Condensing Agent for DNA Complexation
Servas Amy Yellow 27 S+E Parent Yersinia pestis KIM D27 and KIM D28 Dendritic Cell Infection: Understanding the Early Immune Response
Shuman Kevin Red 07
INBRE Czymmek Assessment of Candida albicans Ability to Mask b-Glucans from Dectin-1 Recognition
Sloofman Laura Blue 20 CPW Kirn-Safran Effects of RPL29 deficiency on bone structure and material properties
Smarsh Danielle Green 03 USDA Cogburn Validation of the 14K Chicken Integrated Systems Microarray and Its Utility for Other Avian Species
Smith Michelle Red 08 EPSCoR DeLeon In Vivo Short-term Effects of TiO2 Nanoparticles on Murine Sperm
Speier Jacqueline Green 04 USDA Cogburn Development of Genotyping Assays for Polymorphic Genes Controlling Growth and Body Composition
Yellow 23
NIH Bridges
Dual-Domain Dynamic Multivariate Spectrometer
Stern Kyle Orange 11 HHMI Pelesko An experimental and mathematical study of M. oryzae spore germination and dispersal
Stirparo Gregory Orange 17 S+E Wool Bio-based Composite Resins
Styer Amy Purple 13 S+E Beebe Surface-mediated differentiation of osteoblastic stem cells
Sun Pamela Blue 21 S+E Imperial Coll Kirn-Safran/Carson To cleave and to uncleave:
Sweriduk Andrew Orange 20
NSF Hadjipanayis Induction Heat Phase Transformation in the L10 FePt Magnetic Nanoparticle System 
Teixeira Kathryn Blue 03 IMBRE Galileo Quantitative Analysis of Breast Cancer Metastasis to Brain
Tereniak Stephen Yellow 12 CHEM ALUMNI Riordan Synthesis and Characterization of a New Tridentate Phosphine-Thioether Ligand 
Thomas Kate Green 23 EPSCoR Kitto/Pollack Histological Analysis of Blueberry Regeneration
Tibuah Anthony Green 25 EPSCoR Sherrier/Kitto/Bais Developing a Chemoattractant Assay Using the Root-knot Nematode
Ulissi Zachary Orange 14 S+E Vlachos Refinement of Catalytic Microkinetic Models Using Singular Methods Coupled with the Design of New Experiments
Umoren Mfon Red 21 DoD Farach-Carson Analysis of Mutated Mitochondrial DNA sequences in Prostate Cancer
Van Wie Elisabeth Orange 21
INBRE Hadjipanayis Microburst Synthesis of cPEG Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles with Highly Uniform Particle Size Distributions
Villiard Alexandra Green 17 EPSCoR Tallamy The impact of alien plants on predacious and parasitoid insect populations
Wagner Julie Red 26 S+E Rudolph Smart Knee Brace: Effects of Weight on Movement Patterns
Wagner Sasha Yellow 20 CHEM ALUMNI Zondlo Synthesis and Applications of Complex Molecules with a-Substituted Guanidiniums
Warren Curtis Red 22
CANCER GENETICS Farach-Carson Effect of a novel BRCA2 variant found in a Delaware family on transformation of normal breast epithelial cells
Warriner Melissa Blue 22 HHMI Kmiec Variations of Gene Repair in sub S-phase Cell Populations
Wehner Nicholas Green 18 S+E/NSF Tallamy Deforestation and Avifaunal Extinctions on Pacific Islands
White Sara Yellow 22 S+E Zondlo Design of a Protein Kinase-Inducible Domain for CDK5.
Wilkins Aundrea Orange 02 S+E Kobak Assessing the validity of prospective and retrospective measures of attachment disruptions
Wille Coral Red 02 HHMI Boyd Chitin Induced Uptake of CTXΦ by Vibrio cholerae via Natural Transformation
Williams Meilani Orange 08 CRA-W DHP Pollock/Vijay-Shanker A Study of Word Usage in Java Program Identifiers
Wolters Megan Green 09 USDA Saylor/Schmidt Evolution in Action: Selection of the Modern Broiler Chicken
Woods Meghan Purple 06 HHMI Jia Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(e-caprolactone) and Polyethylene Glycol Copolymers
Woody Sarah Red 09 IGERT DeLeon Variation in Sperm Hyaluronidase Activity in Men Attending an IVF Clinic
Yoskowitz Adam Green 24 S+E Kniel/Pei/Chiu Removal and inactivation of Escherichia coli O157H7 and Eimeria acervulina from water using zero-valent iron
Zilora Stephanie Blue 04 CPW Herson The interaction of microorganisms with quaternary ammonium compound-coated surfaces
Zony Chati Purple 09 HHMI/McNair Colman Isolation and Characterization of a Complex Between Glutathione S-Transferase Pi and c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase
Zucker Steven Purple 10 DE SPACE GRANT Johnston Aerosol Analysis Using A Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer

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