Wednesdays  4 to 5:30 PM 103 Gore Hall
Special Sessions Thursdays June 28, July 12, July 26 12-1:30 PM in 243 Wolf Hall
HHMI Scholars, Peter White Fellows, Beckman Scholars, and others including Science and Engineering Scholars
June 6
What are you doing here this summer? Introduction to Research
Dr. Harold White (Dept. Chemistry & Biochemistry, Director UD's HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Program), Dr. David Usher (Dept. of Biological Sciences, Assoc. Dir. UD's HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Program), and a Panel of Veteran Undergraduate Research Students:
Patrick Knerr,
Senior Biochemistry Major
Marysol Lavender, Junior Biology Major
Aivi Nguyen, Junior Biology Major
Ritika Samant, Junior Biology Major
Please note: You need to have completed safety instructions in your research laboratory. If you have questions about safety, contact Occupational Health and Safety.
June 13 What is it like to be a scientist?
Career biographies from UD scientists. - Managing a career in science.

Drs. Melinda Duncan and Carlton Cooper (Dept. Biological Sciences), Dr. Ann Robinson (Dept. of Chemical Engineering), Dr. Charles Riordan (Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry), and Dr. Louis Rossi (Dept. of Mathematics).
Moderated by
Dr. David Usher (Dept. of Biological Sciences, Assoc. Dir. UD's HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Program).
June 20 Group Discussion:
When would you say No? - Ethical Issues in Research
Dr. Harold White (Dept. Chemistry & Biochemistry) and Research Thespians - Jenna Currier, Kristin Nuzzio,
Keith Atchison, Steve Tereniak, Sara White, and Peter Adelman.

On Being a Scientist- Responsible Conduct in Research
Ethical Issues in Biology and Medicine - Nuffield Council on Bioethics
June 27 How do I get into graduate and/or professional School?
Dr. David Usher, (Dept. of Biological Sciences),
Dr. Melinda Duncan, (Dept. of Biological Sciences),
John Pelesko, Department of Mathematics
Dr. Andrew Teplyakov, (Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Justin DiAngelo (UD BISC '02), Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Pennsylvania
Sujata Bhatia, MD/PhD (UD CHEG/BIOC/BISC '99), duPont, Biochemical Sciences and Engineering Division.

June 28
Dealing with America's Health Disparities Problem - Part I Socioeconomic Factors
Drs. David Usher, Carlton Cooper, and Robert Sikes (Dept. of Biological Sciences) Special optional session in 243 Wolf Hall from 12-1:30 PM
Readings: Disparities and Discrimination in Health Care-an Introduction
Health Care Disparities Reading List Abstracts.
July 4
Independence Day Holiday
July 11 What is a scientist's life like in Industry?
Bob Dayton (UD'75), President, Delaware BioScience Association, Newark, DE.,

Dr. Ray Yin,
ANP Technologies
, Elkon MD
Catherine M. Bonuccelli, MD,
Vice President of External Scientific Affairs, AstraZeneca, Wilmington, DE
Sandy Retzky MD, Wyeth,
Dr. Myron Sasser
, MIDI, Newark, Delaware

July 12
What's it like to be a woman in science? Lessons and advice from women who know.
Special optional session in 243 Wolf Hall from 12-1:30 PM
Dr. Jeanette M. Erhardt, (Director, Mammalian and Environmental Toxicology) and Dr. Tessa Serex, (Senior Research Toxicologist), DuPont Haskell Laboratory),
Drs. Roberta Colman and
Sharon Neal, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,
July 18
How does biomedical research benefit patients? 
Translational Research at A. I. duPont Hospital for Children
George R. Dodge, Ph. D.
, Head, Bone and Cartilage Research Laboratory, 
Katia Sol-Church, PhD,  Dir, Biomolecular Core Facility, & Asst Prof Pediatrics, Thomas Jefferson Medical College,
Carolyn Schanen, PhD MD, Head, Human Genetics Research, and
Takeshi Tsuda MD, Pediatric Cardiologist, Department of Pediatrics.
July 25 How to communicate your Results - Conferences (Talks and Posters)
Judging Rubrics for the ASBMB Undergraduate Poster Competition 2007
Dr. David Usher (Dept. of Biological Sciences),
Partrick Knerr, Senior Biochemistry Major
July 26
Dealing with America's Health Disparities Problem- Part II Medical Factors
Special optional session in 243 Wolf Hall from 12-1:30 PM
Drs. David Usher
  and Robert Sikes (Dept. of Biological Sciences) 

Readings: Eliminating Cancer Disparities and
Drug-Resistant Breast Cancer Afflicts Blacks.

August 1
Why isn't my research supervisor in the lab more?
Publishing in Scientific Journals,
Paying for Science

Drs. Daniel Simmons and Randall Duncan,  Department of Biological Sciences.
Aug 8
Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

Prof. David Lynn
Emory University
HHMI Professor

Plenary Lecture: 
ORIGINS: Your Creative Research and Molecular Order

11:00 A.M., Wolf Hall Auditorium

1:00 - 3:00 PM (Participants and their Poster Assignments to be posted in August)
Student Talks and Posters Presentations
McKinly Laboratory Ground Floor, Food provided
(Last year's program)

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