HHMI -Sponsored Undergraduates at the
University of Delaware 20th Annual
Undergraduate Research Symposium
7 May 2005

Thirteen seniors supported by the HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Program are candidates for Degree with Distinction or the Honors Degree with Distinction. They were among students who participated in the 20th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium held Sturday May 7, 2005, at the Perkins Student Center. The students include Meghan Bills, Heather Egolf-Fox, Erin Kenaley, Kimberly Miller, Amanda Peters, Sarah Redding, Kristen Reese, Matthew Roberts, Stacey Shertok, Andrea Short, Apoorva Srivastava, Alison Wedekind, and Allison Wojcik. Click on any image to get a larger image.

Part of the crowd viewing undergraduate research posters.

Charles Bergquist, Honors BS Chemistry '96 and plenary lecturer, speaking with Dr. Munson and President Roselle.

Dr. Burnaby Munson Introducing Charles Bergquist.

Charles Bergquist, Producer of NPR's Science Friday, speaking on, "Research, Writing, Radio: Bringing Research to the Public."

Kim Miller describes her research to Dr. Joan Bennett, Director of the UD Undergraduate Research Program, and Dr. David Usher.

Heather Egolf-Fox describes her research to Dr. Burnaby Munson.

James Kelleher, Katherine Vodra, Tarjani Thanker, Blair Thornley, and Cy Wilkins listen to Heather's presentation.

Kim Miller with poster.

Stacey Shertok explains her research to other students.

Kristen Reese with her poster.

Alison Wedekind with her poster.

Erin Kenaley explains her research to other students.

Biochemisty majors Matthew Roberts, Sarah Redding, and Mandy Peters.

Matthew Roberts, Sarah Redding, Mandy Peters, and Rachel Sleighter

Apoorva Srivastava making his oral presentation.

Mandy Peters making her oral presentation.

Allison Wojcik preparing to make her oral presentation.

Matt Roberts presents his research.

Andrea Short presents her research.

Kathy, Charles, and Gregory Bergquist

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