Dr. Hal White introducing Dr. Sarah Elgin
before presenting her plenary lecture on

"Exploring the Drosophila Genome:
Genetics and Genomics to

Examine Gene Silencing."

Research Symposium Photos

Wednesday, 9 August 2006
University of Delaware

Prof. Patricia deLeon talking with Dr. Elgin
before her lecture.

Dr. Sarah Elgin receiving recognition plaque
from Dr. Hal White

Dr. Elgin examining a color plate of eye mutants of Drosophila in a 1912 reprint of an article by Thomas Hunt Morgan. The reprint was a gift to Dr. Elgin.

Audience gathers in 100 Wolf Hall
for Dr. Sarah Elgin's talk.

Eleven 6-foot subs, salad, snacks, drinks, cookies and browies await the 350 participants and guests.

Sigma Xi  Award Judges, Jeffrey Rosen, Carlton Cooper, Murali Temburni, and Kirk J. C. Czymmek, consulting with Ulhas Naik.

Seven of the eight Students who made oral presentations at the symposium with Dr. Elgin. (From left to right, Jon Edwards, Dan Silverio, Rich Karpowicz, Dr. Elgin, Erin Reed, Evan Lebois, Tapan patel, and Allen Tseng.)

Sigma Xi Awardees left to right:
Third Place-Erin Reed
Second Place-Daniel Silverio
First Place-Wen Allen Tseng

Tyanna Bailey talking to Shaila Parker about her research.

Dr. Kathleen Schell and Lauren Micale

Dr. Elgin speaking to Bisola Awoyemi.

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