Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium
Wednesday, 9 August 2006
McKinly Laboratory
University of Delaware
Undergraduate Student Oral Presentations
Moderator- Dr. Bill Cain

061 McKinly Laboratory
(Titles linked to abstracts)

1:00 PM    Arjun Manrai,
                    Analysis of the Targeted Gene Repair Transcriptome in Mammalian Systems
                                                          (Sponsor - Eric Kmiec, Biological Sciences and Delaware Biotecnology Institute)

1:15 PM    Evan Lebois,

                    A Role for N-Glycosylation in Differential Growth Control and Drosophila Development:
                    Phenotypic Analysis of alg10

                    (Sponsor - Erica Selva, Biological Sciences)
1:30 PM    Jonathan Edwards,

                           Gelation Kinetics of β-Hairpin Oligopeptides Using Laser Tweezer Microrheology
                    (Sponsor - Eric Furst, Chemical Engineering)

1:45 PM    Erin Reed, 

                        The Effect of the Scale of an Alien Plant Invasion on Native Insect Communities
                    (Sponsor - Douglas Tallamy, Entomology and Applied Ecology)

2:00 PM    Wen Allen Tseng,

                        Examination of the Role of JAM-A Homodimerization in Angiogenesis
                        (Sponsor - Ulhas Naik - Biological Sciences)

2:15 PM      Tapan Patel,
                    Biochemistry of Prox1

                    (Sponsor - Melinda Duncan - Biological Sciences)
2:30 PM    Richard Karpowicz,

                    Progress on the Synthesis of Asymmetric Metallofoldamer Catalysts
                    (Sponsor - Joseph Fox, Chemistry and Biochemistry)  

2:45 PM    Daniel Silverio,
                    A New Method for the Deprotection of Aryl Mesylates

                    (Sponsor - Douglass Taber, Chemistry and Biochemistry)
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Sigma Xi Awardees left to right:
Third Place-Erin Reed
Second Place-Daniel Silverio
First Place-Wen Allen Tseng

Student Presenters from left to right: Jon Edwards, Dan Silverio, Rich Karpowicz, Dr. Sarah Elgin (Symposium plenary speaker), Erin Reed, Evan Lebois, Tapan Patel, Wen Allen Tseng. (Arjun Manri not shown.)

Sigma Xi  Award Judges, Jeffrey Rosen, Carlton Cooper, Murali Temburni, and Kirk J. C. Czymmek, consulting with Ulhas Naik.


The University of Delaware Chapter of Sigma Xi award is for the best oral presentation in this session. The $100 prize is contributed by the Colege of Arts and Sciences.

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