Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium
Wednesday, 9August 2006
McKinly Laboratory
University of Delaware

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1:00 to 2:00 PM Odd-numbered Posters Attended by Presenters
2:00 to 3:00 PM Even-numbered Posters Attended by Presenters
Last, First
Poster Location Funding Supervisor(s) Title
Ansbach, Catrina Red 15 INBRE-DSU Brougher Surfactant Protein B Expression in Domestic Fowl Embryos
Awoyemi,Bisola  Red 26 HHMI Rosen Gene Expression in Rat Brain Following Exposure to Synthetic Fox Odor – 2,4,5-Trimethylthiazoline
Barninger, Debra Green 03 INBRE-Wesley Harrington Degradation of Genomic DNA from Helix aspersa
Bates, Tessa Green 04 Nursing Prettyman, Wheeler Grandparents Knowledge of Grandchildren’s Physical Activity 
Beringer, Richard Green 26 Summer Fellows Lee, Jung-Youn

Identification of Plasmodesmal Targeting Proteins by Screening EMS Mutants Derived from Transgenic Arabidopsis Expressing TMVMP-GFP

Bourreza, Aly Yellow 18 HHMI Koh Chemical Complementation of Androgen Receptor Mutations Associated with Androgen Independent Prostate Cancer
Boyd, Karla Blue 07  HHMI Cooper RhoC-GTPase and IGF-1 Interact to Regulate Prostate Cancer Adhesion to Bone Marrow Endothelium
Brady, Adam Red 07 HHMI Galileo Modeling Tumor Development in an In Vivo Chick Embryo Model for Targeting with Carbon Nanotubes
Brady, Marissa Red 16 EPSCoR-DSU Fox An Assessment of American Eel (Anguilla rostrata) Dispersal and Prevalence of Parasitism by Anguillicola carassus in the Waters Surrounding the St. Jones River, Delaware 
Bruton, Jess Blue 02 Irgert DeLeon Evidence for a Second Human Sperm Hyaluronidase: HYAL3
Cabrera, Leonardo Green 10 EPSCoR-DTCC Pat Gaffney DNA Sequencing Using Nuclear Primers to Determine Genetic Variability among Species of American Oysters
Callahan, Stephanie Blue 22 INBRE-DTCC Kmiec Impact of Msh2 Deficiency on Rad51 Foci Formation in Response to Oligonucleotides
Cheong, Colleen Blue 25 BIS Naik Developmental Expression Pattern of Calcium and Integrin-Binding Protein-1 (CIB-1)
Christopher, Katelyn Green 11 EPSCoR Coyne Investigation of Nitrate Reductase Activity in Harmful Algae Using Flow Cytometry
Chui, Cecilia Red 04   Farach-Carson Expression of Heparan Sulfate Remodeling Enzymes, Heparan Sulfate 6-O-endosulfatases, in the Pregnant Mouse Uterus
Cifelli, Stacey
Green 22 PT-CPW Rudolph Energy Efficiency and Walking Speed Associated with Gait Patterns Post-Stroke
Cox, Talisha Green 14 HHMI Hanson Physiological and Molecular Characterization of Tellurite Resistant Marine Microbes
Criel, Michelle Green 05 Nursing Cannon, Polek Young Couples Confronting Breast Cancer: Stress Related To “Being a Mom”
Decker, Corinne Red 10 HHMI Duncan. Melinda βB2-Crystallin Regulation of the Lens Cytoskeleton
Demarest, Brian Green 12 EPSCoR-Wesley Hanson Land Use Effects on Water Quality in Delaware
DeMoss, Shellie Purple 06 Summer Scholars Chiu, Pei Improved Virus Removal Efficiency of Commercial Pitcher Water Filters through Addition of Zero-Valent Iron
Dennis, Yyone Red 17 EPSCoR-DSU Driskill Developing a Student Educational Trail for Delaware State University’s Wetland
Desai, Vivek Red 11 Beckman Duncan. Melinda CD44 and Posterior Capsular Opacification
Devulapalli, Chris Red 23 HHMI Rosen Effect of Neurotoxic Lesions of the Basolateral Complex of the Amygdala on Contextual Fear Conditioning to a Predator Odor
Dignan,Michael Purple 21 HHMI Colman Stabilization of Human Adenylosuccinate Lyase Through Site-Directed Mutagenesis of Cysteine Residues
DiRosato, Stephanie Green 21 Med Tech McLane Effect of the Disintegrin Eristostatin on Intracellular Protein Phosphorylation in Melanoma Cells
Dixon, Renee Blue 08 DoD Sikes The Development of an Animal Model for the Analysis of Novel Therapeutic Anti-Metastatic Agents
Doshi, Ankur Yellow 18 CHE does have Pochan, Darrin Characterization of Amphiphilic Peptide & Tri-Block Copolymer Self-Assembly With Atomic Force Microscopy
Dumas, Michael Blue 09 Jr Life Sch Cooper Novel Thalidomide Analog Inhibits Tumor-Induced Angiogenesis in Mouse Model
Edwards, Jonathan Talk 1:30 INBRE Furst Gelation Kinetics of β-Hairpin Oligopeptides Using Laser Tweezer Microrheology
Elderkin, Catherine Green 06 Nursing Johnson Sun Protection Practices on the Beaches of Australia
Engel, Liora Green 28 INBRE-DTCC Bais Root Secretion Mining for P. aeruginosa and E. faecalis Biofilm Inhibitors
Esqueivel, Holly Purple 09   Pollock WebVizOr: A Fault Detection Visualization Tool for Web Applications
Feld, Samantha Green 17 INBRE Cancer Center @ Chritiana Care Correlation of Preoperative FEV1 Values and Postoperative Hospital Stay Following Lung Resection
Fernandes, Jesse Green 15   Kempton, Firestone Offshore Wind Development Project
Forstrom, Robert Green 18 INBRE Steiner A Virtual-Reality Approach for the Treatment of 
Fry, Zak Purple 07   Pollock Evaluation of a Tool to Identify Concerns in Large Programs
Gallo, Debbie Purple 10
Hadjipanayis Cancer Nanotechology: Size Dependent Magnetic Nanoparticle Hyperthermia
Gearhart, Andrew Purple 08   Swany Parallel Source Transformations via the WHIRL Intermediate Representation 
Goldberger, Brian Green 27   Lee, Jung-Youn Characterization of the Promoter of Putative Plasmodesmal-Associated Protein Kinase 1
Grammatikos, Kristie Yellow 11   Wagner High-Speed Videography and Particle Tracking Velocimetry of Electrospinning Jets
Grindel, Brian Red 05 HHMI Farach-Carson Expression of ERp57 in a TGF-β1-Treated Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line
Guerriero, Hailey Yellow 09 Summer Fellows Shah, Ismat The Effect of Annealing Temperature on TiO2 Nanoparticles Photocatalysis
Haag, Caitlin Blue 18 HHMI Duncan, Randall Fluid Shear Stress Alters Ahnak Expression and Association with the L-type Voltage Sensitive Calcium Channel in Osteoblasts
Hadley, Tyanna Blue 26   Naik The Role of CIB1 in Cell Adhesion
Hanft, Jeff Yellow 10 Summer Fellows Shah, Ismat Nanocomposite Applications for Photovoltaic Cells
Harmon, Andrew Red 12   Selva Determination of the Functional Homology Between Human and Drosophila Sprinter
Hazelwood, Barbara Purple 09   Pollock WebVizOr: A Fault Detection Visualization Tool for Web Applications
Herbert, Mariel Red 24 BIS Stanton, Mark The Dose-Dependent Effect of Systemic Administration of MK-801 on Spatial Delayed Alternation in Developing Rats
Higdon, Lindsay Red 08  HHMI Galileo The Effect of Bcl-2 on Apoptosis in the Developing Chick Embryo Brain
Hughes, Janiare Red 18 EPSCoR-DSU Ozbay The Relationship between Water Quality and Horse Activity near Ribbed Mussel Beds along Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland
Hullmann, Jonathan Purple 11 NSF Award
Bobev Synthesis of New Alkaline Earth and Pnicogen Compounds
Jegede, Yewande Purple 20 INBRE-DSU DiMaria Identification of a Small Nucleolar RNA in Microsporidia
Johnson, Candice Blue 16 DoD Duncan, Randall The Effects of Voltage Sensitive Calcium Channels on Proliferation of Prostate Cancer Cells.
Johnson, Laura Green 25 EPSCoR Sherrier Identification of Nodulation Mutants in an EMS-mutagenized Population of Medicago truncatula
Kahn, Tanveer Red 19 EPSCoR-DSU Brougher, Sabrina Broiler Stress and Welfare: Physiological and Behavioral Impacts of Elevated Ammonia
Karpowicz, Richard Purple 15 Talk 2:30   Pfizer Award
Fox Progress on the Synthesis of Asymmetric Metallofoldamer Catalysts
Kell, Copeland Yellow 01 EPSCoR Stoleru Alumina Nanofibers Generated Through a Anodization
Kelleher, James Blue 19  HHMI Usher Regulation by Cholesterol of the Gene Expression of Spot 14 in Adipocytes
Kenaley, Ryan Yellow 04 CHE Vlachos Microreactor Systems for Portable Power Generation
Knerr, Patrick Yellow 19 Beckman Thorpe Metal-triggered Hydrogelation of Designed β-hairpin Peptides
Koemeter-Cox, Andrew Blue 10 Jr Life Sch Cooper Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha (TNF-α) Regulation of Reticulocalbin (RCN-1) cell surface expression and Capillary-like formation in Bone Marrow Endothelial Cells (BMECs)
Kotowski, Donald Purple 18 EPSCoR Johnston Determination of Microbes in Ambient Air using MALDI-TOF MS and Proteomics
Koyoshi, Fumie Purple 16 INBRE-Wesley D'Sousa An Evaluation of Solvolytic Mechanisms at a Trigonal Carbon
LaRue, Denise Green 07 Nursing Hardie, Herman Stress Through Adolescent Eyes
Lavender, Marysol Blue 20 INBRE-DTCC Usher Cholesterol Depletion in Adipocytes and its Affects on Lipoproteins E and C1
Lebois, Evan Talk 1:15  HHMI Selva A Role for N-Glycosylation in Differential Growth Control and Drosophila Development: Phenotypic Analysis of alg10
Levandusky, Michael Yellow 05 CHE Wills Chemical Vapor Deposition of Tungsten Chloride
Lewis, Michael Blue 11 Irgert Cooper Effects of TGF-β on Prostate Cancer Cell Adhesion to Bone Endothelium under Static and Flow Conditions
Madden, Gregory Blue 17 HHMI Duncan, Randall Control of Cellular Tension by Actin Organization in Osteoblasts
Madison, Andrew Green 16 EPSCoR Luther Assessment of Anoxic Conditions in a Waterway of Delaware’s Inland Bay
Madorma, Michele Green 13 EPSCoR Hanson Cloning and Transformation of Putative Thiosulfate Oxidation Genes of Chlorobium tepidum into Escherichia coli
Maguire, Christine Blue 12   Sikes Engineering Expression Constructs for the Study of IGFBP-2 Proteolysis in Metastatic Androgen Independent Prostate Cancer
Maguire, Katie Blue 22   Kmiec Impact of Msh2 Deficiency on Rad51 Foci Formation in Response to Oligonucleotides
Mancini, John Yellow 25 INBRE Robinson Testing the Effect of DTT on the Unfolded Protein Response Mechanism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Manrai, Arjun Blue 24 Talk 1:00 INBRE-Harvard Kmiec Analysis of the Targeted Gene Repair Transcriptome in Mammalian Systems
Manzella, Tony Yellow 03 Engineering McNeil Complex Systems Models as Tools for Asset Management
McLaughlin, Eamon Red 14 EPSCoR Czymmek Seeing Beyond the Human Eye with Modern Microscopy
Meyers, John Purple 12 SES-CHEM Bobev Synthesis and Characterization of Novel REGeSn Compounds (RE = Y, Gd - Tm)
Micale, Lauren Green 08 Nursing Schell A Clinical Comparison of Forearm and Upper Arm Oscillometric Non-Invasive Blood Pressures in Critically Ill Adults
Michael, Rowan Blue 03 HHMI DeLeon Vesicular Transport and Excess Residual Cytoplasm in Sperm
Mills, Timothy Green 02 INBRE-DTCC Wommach Bacterial Production in the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays
Mlynarski, Stacey  Red 20 INBRE-Wesley Fondong, Vincent The Gemini virus Coat Protein: Detection of mRNA and Subcellular Localization 
Moses, Justin Green 09 Jr Life Sch Edwards, David Comparison of Two Methods of Estimating Central Blood Pressure
Neal, Krista Red 13 SES-Bio Simmons Identification of a Patch of Residues on SV40 T-Antigen Origin Binding Domain Needed for DNA Replication
Nelson, James Yellow 23 EPSCoR Kiick Assembly of Two- and Three-Dimensional Nanostructures Composed of Biological Materials
Newman, Marielle Yellow 12   Wagner Applications of Shear Thickening Fluid-Impregnated Materials
Niedermeyer, Monica Green 19 INBRE-Wesley Bauer Lung Cancer Screening Using Low-Dose CT - The Christiana Care Experience
Ogbonna, Ronald Red 25 UDRF Klintsova  Alterations in BDNF and TrkB Expression in Response to Neonatal Alcohol Exposure
Omondi, Arnold Purple 17 INBRE-Wesley D'Souza Use of LFERS to Evaluate the Solvolytic Mechanism of Isopropenyl Chloroformate
Oren, Rachel Blue 10 INBRE-DTCC Cooper, Farach-Carson Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha (TNF-α) Regulation of Reticulocalbin (RCN-1) cell surface expression and Capillary-like formation in Bone Marrow Endothelial Cells (BMECs)
Ovadje, Lauretta Blue 13 DoD Sikes The Search for Genes in Prostate Morphogenesis
Palladino, Gina Yellow 24 INBRE Lenhoff Crystallization and Aggregation of Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor at Low Salt Concentration: A Phase Behavior Study of Protein Salting In
Paoli, Matthew Blue 01 CPW Wang Characterization of Post-Translational Modification of the Survival Motor Neuron Protein
Parker, Shalia Red 03 McNair Safran, Catherine Characterization of the Growth Defect Phenotype of HIP/RPL29 Knock-Out Mice  
Passarelli, Andrea Purple 14 HHMI Taber Bromomandelate Formation and Addition of Ethyl Acrylate to a Cyclic Bromomandelate
Patel, Anant Purple 19 HHMI Polenova DLC8 Determination Using Solid-state NMR
Patel, Tapan Talk 2:15 Beckman Duncan. Melinda Biochemistry of Prox1
Pavia, Thomas Yellow 07 Summer Scholars Furst Laser Tweezer Measurements of Normal Stress Differences in Cetylpyridinium Chloride
Pomroy, Donna Red 01 INBRE-DTCC Schanen, Farach-Carson The Role of MeCP2 in  Neuron Development and Bone Homesostasis
Reed, Erin Talk 1:45 Jr Life Sch Tallamy The Effect of the Scale of an Alien Plant Invasion on Native Insect Communities
Reichert, Matthew Yellow 13 CHE Nettlesheim Microstructure of Self-Assembled Surfactant Solutions by Rheo-Small Angle Light Scattering
Robinson, Brittany Green 06 Nursing Johnson Sun Protection Practices on the Beaches of Australia
Rosborough, Matthew Yellow 07 HHMI Furst Laser Tweezer Measurements of Normal Stress Differences in Cetylpyridinium Chloride
Rosen, Brian Yellow 14   Wagner Characterization of Shear-Thickening Kaolin Suspensions for use in STF Body Armor
Samant, Ritika Blue 27 HHMI Naik Generation of JAM-A overexpressing MDA-MB-231 Cells for Cancer Metastasis and Tumor Growth Study
Schein, Joshua Yellow 15 CHE Wagner Soft Particle Shear Thickening Fluid
Schnitker, Jennifer Purple 13 HHMI Theopold Synthesis of a Novel Redox-Active Scorpionate Ligand
Scott, Evan Green 20 INBRE Bauer Evaluation of Virtual Reality Bronchoscopy Simulation
Seagraves, Andrew Purple 05   Roy A Homogenization Approach for Electrode Design Optimization
Selekman, Joshua Yellow 02 CHE Buttrey Catalysis of Propane Ammoxidation Using Synthesized Crystals of 
Shankman, Laura Blue 28 INBRE Naik Niobium-Doped Bismuth Molybdates
Silverio, Daniel Talk 2:45 HHMI Taber A New Method for the Deprotection of Aryl Mesylates
Sinanan, Jesse Blue 14 Bridges Cooper The Influence of IGF-1 and IL-6 on CD44 Expression in the LNCaP Progression Model
Smarsh, Danielle Green 01 USDA Cogburn Validation of a 14K Chicken Integrated Systems Microarray 
Smith, Alfred Yellow 20 HHMI Zondlo Synthesis and Applications of Arginine Mimetics
Smith, Smantha Red 09 Jr Life Sch Herson Detection of Salmonella in Biosolids
Snow, Samantha Red 21 INBRE-DSU Brougher Ontogeny of Surfactant Protein B (SP-B) Expression in Avian Lung
Stallings, Erin Blue 12b DoD DeLeon SPAM1 Expression in Prostate Cancer-A Possible Adhesion Marker for Metastatic Tumor
Sterling, Sara Blue 21 HHMI Usher The Role of ATP Binding Cassette Transporters A1 and G1 in Human Cholesterol Homeostasis
Stokes, Brittany Blue 12a HHMI DeLeon
SPAM1 Expression in Breast Cancer Cells Is Not Associated with Hyronidase Activity
Stottmann, Josh Yellow 26 HHMI Robinson
Large-scale Recovery of Human Adenosine A2a G-Protein Coupled Receptor from High-pressure Homogenization
Swain, Sarah Red 02 HHMI Funanage Characterization of SMA Fibroblast Cell Lines Using Pyrosequencing
Thornley, Blair Yellow 21 UR-DE Zondlo Phosphorylation-Dependent Protein Design: Minimal Protein Kinase-Inducible Domains
Tseng, Wen Allen  Talk 2:00 Beckman Naik Examination of the Role of JAM-A Homodimerization in Angiogenesis
Vasta, Casey Blue 23 INBRE Kmiec ssDNA Oligonucleotides Arrest Growth of Esophageal Cancer Cells
Velasquez, Javier Yellow 27 HHMI Robinson Optimization of Human Neurokinase 2 Receptor Expression 
Wagner, Chris
Green 23 PT-CPW Rudolph Analysis of Kinematics Associated with Manipulations in Walking Speed
Walck, Brian Yellow 08 CHE Kaler Phase Behavior of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers in Water
Weiss, Lisa Green 24 Jr Life Sch Rudolph Smart Knee Brace for Stroke Gait Rehabilitation
Woody, Sarah Blue 04   DeLeon Variation in Sperm Hyaluronidase Activity in Men Attending an IVF Clinic
Yehiri, Franck Red 06 HHMI Farach-Carson Chondrogenic Marker Expression is Impaired by
Zony, Chati Lum Purple 22 HHMI/McNair Colman Elucidation of the Subunit Interface in the Heterodimer of Glutathione S-Transferase pi and 1-Cysteine Peroxiredoxin
Zony, Neolla Blue 15 DoD Cooper IGF-1  Influences CD44 Expression in  Human Prostate Cancer Cells

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