Summer Undergraduate
Research Symposium Photos

Wednesday, 10 August 2005
University of Delaware

Dr. Dennis Liu receiving recognition plaque
from Dr. Hal White

Dr. Dennis Liu presenting his plenary lecture on "Getting Graphic about the Science of Fat"
Undergraduates in audience
for Dr. Dennis Liu's talk.

Lunch under the McKinly Lab skylight.
Lunch under the McKinly Lab skylight.

Six of the eight Students who made oral presentations
at the symposium.
(From left to right, Aggie Bielska, Timothy Martin, Adriene Richez, Arjun Manrai, and Michael Skogen. Kevin DuPrey and Becky Gable not shown.)

Dr. Karen Rosenberg, past present of Sigma Xi and judge, congratulates Aggie Bielska on winning this year's Sigma Xi award for the best oral presentation.

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