Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium
Wednesday, 10 August 2005
McKinly Laboratory
University of Delaware
Undergraduate Student Oral Presentations
Moderator- Dr. Robert Hodson

061 McKinly Laboratory
(Titles linked to abstracts)

1:00 PM  Liang Kang
The Role of Junctional Adhesion Molecule A (JAM-A) in the Corneal Epithelium
                  (Sponsor - Melinda Duncan, Biological Scienecs)

1:15 PM  Kevin DuPrey

The Extralenticular Role of BetaB2-Crystallin
                  (Sponsor - Melinda Duncan, Biological Sciences)

1:30 PM 
Arjun Manrai
Microarray Analysis in Mammalian Systems Using Oligonucleotides for Gene Editing
               (Sponsor - Eric Kmiec, Biological Sciences and DBI)

1:45 PM 
Michael Skogen
The Effect of G-rich Oligonucleotides on the Inhibition of Huntingtin Protein Aggregation
                  (Sponsor - Eric Kmiec, Biological Sciences and DBI)

2:00 PM  Becky Gable  

Tracer Particle Interactions with a beta-Hairpin Hydrogel
               (Sponsor -
Eric Furst, Chemical Engineering)

2:15 PM  Timothy Martin  
A New Route to Enantiomerically Pure alpha-Amino Acids                            
                    (Sponsor -
Douglass Taber, Chemistry and Biochemistry)
2:30 PM  Agata Bielska
Conformational Effects of Protein Phosphorylation
               (Sponsor -  Neal Zondlo, Chemistry and Biochemistry)

2:45 PM  Adeline Richez
               Bone Marrow Engraftment Monitoring
               (Sponsor - Katia Sol-Church, Nemours)
The University of Delaware Chapter of Sigma Xi will present an award for the best presentation in this session.

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