Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium
Wednesday, 11 August 2004
McKinly Laboratory
University of Delaware
Undergraduate Student Oral Presentations

061 McKinly Laboratory
(Titles linked to abstracts)

1:00 PM  Mandy Peters
Cholesterol Efflux and Adipocyte Differentiation
                  (Sponsor - Dr. David Usher, Biological Sciences )

1:15 PM  Heather Egolf-Fox
AFM Analysis of Patterned Surfaces
(Sponsor - Dr. Thomas Beebe, Chemistry and Biochemistry)

1:30 PM  Joe Fotos
Time Lapse Microscopy and Motion Analysis of Glioma Tumor Cells.                                                        (Sponsor - Dr. Deni Galileo, Biological Sciences)

1:45 PM  Chris amEnde
De Novo Design of Lanthanide Fingers    
                  (Sponsor - Dr. Neal Zondlo, Chemistry and Biochemistry )

2:00 PM  Alison Wedekind  
                  Optimization and Characterization of G-Protein Coupled Receptor Expression in Yeast
              (Sponsor -
Dr. Anne Skaja Robinson, Chemical Engineering)

2:15 PM  Elizabeth Bell   
Analysis of the Unfolded Protein Response Induced by Protein Overexpression                               (Sponsor - Dr. Anne Skaja Robinson, Chemical Engineering)
2:30 PM  Matt Roberts  
              Role of TM5 in Adenosine A2A Receptor Dimerization
              (Sponsor - Dr. Cliff Robinson, Chemistry & Biochemistry, DBI )

2:45 PM  James Parris   
              JAM-1 is Expressed during Vasculogenesis In Vivo
              (Sponsor - Dr. Ulhas Naik, Biologiocal Sciences)
The University of Delaware Chapter of Sigma Xi will present an award for the best presentation in this session.

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