Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium - 2003
Participants, Poster Locations or Talk Time, and Sponsors
Last Name
First Name
Poster Location
Talk Time
Allen Samantha Yellow 8 Robert Allen Sikes Biological Sciences
amEnde Christopher Green 12 Neal Zondlo/Douglass Taber Chemistry and Biochemistry
Arseneau Jennifer Green 19 Gary Laverty Biological Sciences
Asiago Vincent Green 14 Mary Wirth Chemistry and Biochemistry
Barker  Amanda Talk at 2:45 Clifford Robinson Chemical Engineering
Bell Elizabeth  Yellow 18 Anne Robinson Chemical Engineering
Betts Daniella Red 14 Erica Selva Biological Sciences
Blackwell Deidre Blue 24 Catherine G. A. Davies Animal and Food Science
Bridgewater Chelsea Yellow 9 Carlton Cooper Biological Sciences
Brohawn Stephen Talk at 1:00 Colin Thorpe Chemistry and Biochemistry
Brown Alaina Talk at 1:45 Neal Zondlo Chemistry and Biochemistry
Carlson Carol Blue 22 Janine Sherrier Plant and Soil Science
Chosseler Mattieu Blue 20 Jeffrey L. Twiss Nemours Foundation
Collinge Janine Green 1 Melinda Duncan Biological Sciences
Connelly  Catherine Blue 25 Catherine G. A. Davies Animal and Food Science
Cox Ryan Yellow 13 Junghuei Chen Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dunworth Willaim Green 4 Ulhas Naik Biological Sciences
Dwight Tyesha Blue 9 John Scholz Physical Therapy
Eaton Mesha Green 23 Patricia DeLeon Biological Sciences
Edgecombe Melissa Red 19 Deni Galileo Biological Sciences
Egolf-Fox Heather Yellow 10 Thomas Beebe Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ewane Kenneth Yellow 25 Christine Glatt duPont
Fatula Stephen Blue 14 Thomas Hanson Marine Studies
Flinn Rory Red 21 Norman Karin Biological Sciences
Fotos Joe Red 20 Deni Galileo Biological Sciences
Gale Chris Blue 7 William Farquhar Health and Exercise Science
Gamiel Jordyn Yellow 14 Clifford Robinson Chemistry and Biochemistry
Gillow Sean Blue 23 Diane Herson Biological Sciences
Gladnick Brian Green 21 George Molloy Biological Sciences
Glime Lauren Blue 10 Nancy Getchell Physical Therapy
Green Janielle Yellow 7 Carlton Cooper Biological Sciences
Gwannulla Chantal Red 15 Erica Selva Biological Sciences
Hall Lawrence Red 22 Norman Karin Biological Sciences
Hazzan Afeez Red 16 Erica Selva Biological Sciences
Hwang Sookhee Yellow 13 Junghuei Chen Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ikwuagwo Adaora Blue 26 Catherine G. A. Davies Animal and Food Science
Jawa Rahul Red 13 Robert Allen Sikes Biological Sciences
Kelebemang Shimane Yellow 24 Daniel Chester Computer Science
Kenaly Erin Blue 19 Kamil Akanbi Biological Sciences
Kosman Christine Green 9 Daniel Simmons Biological Sciences
Lahaye Justine Blue 21 Robert Akins Nemours Foundation
Laird Kholiswa Green 13 Mary Wirth Chemistry and Biochemistry
Lazzopina Peter Red 18 Deni Galileo Biological Sciences
Lowry Carolyn Red 17 Erica Selva Biological Sciences
Lynch Jennifer Blue 9 John Scholz Physical Therapy
Maddox Katherine Green 5 Ulhas Naik Biological Sciences
Magbagbeola Oluwapelumi Yellow 15 Clifford Robinson Chemistry and Biochemistry
Manna David Green 8 Daniel Simmons Biological Sciences
Mari Elisabeth Blue 15 Catherine Kirn-Saffran Biological Sciences
Marshall Jonathan Yellow 11 John Koh Chemistry and Biochemistry
McAndrew Christopher Talk at 1:30 Brian Bahnson Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mohammed Asif Green 20 Gary Laverty Biological Sciences
Nadel Daniel Green 22  George Molloy Biological Sciences
Nation David Yellow 4 M. C. Farach-Carson Biological Sciences
O'Dea Erin Yellow 22 Christopher J. Roberts Chemical Engineering
Oeffinger Elizabeth Yellow 21 Anne Robinson Chemical Engineering
O'Leary James Green 3 Melinda Duncan Biological Sciences
Oristan Daniel Blue 16 Catherine Kirn-Saffran Biological Sciences
Park Jung Ha Green 11 Douglass Taber Chemistry and Biochemistry
Parris James Talk at 2:15 Ulhas Naik Biological Sciences
Patel Shweta Green 10 Douglas Taber Chemistry and Biochemistry
Patel Vivek Blue 27 David Northmore Psychology
Peng Emily Yellow 27 Mary Galvin Material Sci and Engineering
Peters Amanda Green 18 David Usher Biological Sciences
Pileckas Scott Green 6 Ulhas Naik Biological Sciences
Pippins Jessica Yellow 19 Anne Robinson Chemical Engineering
Pradhan Swati Green 7  Ulhas Naik Biological Sciences
Pruitt Freddie Yellow 6 Carlton Cooper Biological Sciences
Quarshie Comfort Yellow 23 Dennis Prather Electrical and Computer Eng
Redding Sarah Yellow 12 Colin Thorpe Chemistry and Biochemistry
Reese Kari Blue 13 Mary Beth Miele Medical Technology
Reiley Carol Yellow 26 Lori Pollock Computer Science
Ricketts Susan Green 15 Murray Johnston Chemistry and Biochemistry
Risser Jennifer Talk at 1:15 David Usher Biological Sciences
Roberts Matthew Yellow 16 Cliffort Robinson Chemistry and Biochemistry
Salo Erin Blue 8 Cole Galloway Physical Therapy
Schwarzwalder Julie Green 16 Klaus Theopold Chemsirty and Biochemistry
Schweizer Michael Yellow 20 Anne Robinson Chemical Engineering
Shertok Stacy Green 24 Patricia DeLeon Biological Chemistry
Sleighter Rachel Green 15 Murry Johnston Chemistry and Biochemistry
Srivastava Apoorva Blue 11 Mary Anne McLane Medical Technology
Stant-Boggs Mary Yellow 17 Clifford Robinson Chemistry and Biochemistry
Suckow Arthur Talk at 2:30 Melinda Duncan Biological Sciences
Ullah Jane Yellow 5 M. C. Farach-Carson Biological Sciences
van Fossen Amy Talk at 2:00 Anne Robinson Chemical Engineering
Williams LaTonna Green 25 Patricia DeLeon Biological Sciences
Wojcik Allison Green 17 Daniel Simmons Biological Sciences
Yallowitz Alisha Green 2 Melinda Duncan Biological Sciences
Zelinskas Claire Blue 12 Mary Anne McLane Medical Technology
Zosh Jennifer Blue 28 Roberta Golinkoff Education

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