Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium
Thursday, 8 August 2002
McKinly Laboratory
University of Delaware
When does a scientist become a scientist?  It is not when a person knows many facts and even understands in depth some aspect of the natural world.  I would suggest the transition occurs when curiosity about a phenomena leads to an inquiry for new knowledge.  This can occur in a person with little or lots of knowledge about a subject.  It is an attitude of inquiry.
                                                                                        James Bryant Conant (1946)
Participants and their sponsors
Map of the ground floor of McKinly Laboratory
Summer Undergraduate Research Enrichment Program


(Graduate Student Poster session from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. on the ground floor of McKinly Laboratory.)
Opening Lecture
The Evolution of Human Color Vision
by Dr. Jeremy Nathans, HHMI Investigator and 
Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Johns Hopkins University
101 Brown Laboratory (Auditorium)
11:30 AM

Undergraduate Student Poster Session

Exhibition Corridor - Ground Floor of McKinly Laboratory   (Abstracts for Posters)

1:00 to 2:00 PM Odd-numbered Posters Attended by Presenters
2:00 to 3:00 PM Even-numbered Posters Attended by Presenters
Undergraduate Student Oral Presentations

061 McKinly Laboratory   (Abstracts for Talks)

1:00     Erin Hill (Sponsors - David Usher and Robert Hodson, Biological Sciences)
         Sequence of Apolipoprotein A-II Gene of the Red-Eared Slider Turtle
1:15     Bevan Kirley (Sponsor - Allan Shapiro, Plant Science)
         Genetic Characterization of HR Despite NOS Inhibitor (hdn) Mutants
1:30     Arthur Suckow (Sponsor - Melinda Duncan, Biological Sciences)
         Function of JAM-1
1:45     Alice Wong (Sponsor - Mary Ann McLane, Medical Technology)
         Binding of Eristostatin to Melanoma Cells
2:00     Stephanie Miller (Sponsors - Mary C. Farach-Carson and Catherine Kirn-Safran,
           Biological Sciences)
           Function of HIP/RPL29 During in vitro Chondriogenesis
2:15     Christopher Eller (Sponsor - Eugene Mueller, Chemistry and Biochemistry)
         Substrate Assisted Protein Folding in Pseudouridine Synthase Mutants
2:30     Brandy Heckman (Sponsor - Eric Kmiec, Biological Sciences and DBI)
           Genomic Applications of Stabilized Synaptic Complexes
2:45     Dana Ungerbuehler (Sponsor - Anne Robinson, Chemical Engineering)
         Investigating mixed chain kinetics of P22 Tailspike
Food  1:00 - 3:00 P.M.  Sky Light Lounge-Ground Floor of McKinly Laboratory

Meet Dr. Jeremy Nathans

3:00 - 3:40 PM  in 061 McKinly Laboratory
An informal gathering for students and interested others.

Symposium Sponsored by:

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute's
         Undergraduate Biological Science Program
VWR Scientific Products
UD Undergraduate Research Program
Charles Peter White Fellowships
Beckman Scholars Program
Special thanks to the research supervisors whose time and grant funding enabled this event to happen!

Last summer's symposium in the news:
Summer undergraduate research symposium hosts mock poster session,
         by Barbara Garrison
         16 August 2001 - University of Delaware UpDate, Vol 20(19), 14.

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