Summer Research Symposium - August 9, 2001
Undergraduate Research Participants and their Sponsors
Symposium Program Page

Lisa Attanasio Diane Herson Biological Sciences
Sarah Baisch Mary Beth Miele Medical Technology
Lauren Baker David Usher Biological Sciences
Suzanne Biehn Norman Karin Biological Sciences
John Bishop Abraham Lenhoff and
Stanley Sandler
Chemical Engineering
Sara Beth Callaway Malcolm Taylor Biological Sciences
Laurelle Cheeseboro Cindy Farach-Carson Biological Sciences
Chiara Ciotoli Allan Shapiro Plant and Soil Sciences
Alexandra Cretu Deni Galileo Biological Science
Kevin Crotty Eugene Mueller Chemistry and Biochemistry
Amanda Debes Daniel Simmons Biological Sciences
Justin DiAngelo Melinda Duncan Biological Sciences
Richard Dombrowski Andrew Zydney Chemical Engineering
Eric Evans Patricia DeLeon Biological Sciences
Melanie Evans Deni Galileo Biological Sciences
Todd Greco Eugene Mueller Chemistry and Biochemistry
Erin Henninger Deni Galileo Biological Sciences
Erin Hill Robert Hodson, 
Gregory Stephens, and David Usher
Biological Sciences
Michele Jablonski Burnaby Munson Chemistry and Biochemistry
Carrie Jacobus Allan Shapiro Plant and Soil Sciences
Melissa Krupski Uhlas Naik Biological Sciences
Melissa Kuchar Mary Anne McLane Medical Technology
Devon Lump David Usher Biological Sciences
Stephanie Miller Daniel Carson Biological Sciences
Caroline Muir Cindy Farach-Carson Biological Sciences
Adrienne Nash Robert Hodson, 
Bill Cain, and 
Gregory Stephens
Biological Sciences
Karyn Oberman Norman Karin Biological Sciences
Kevin O’Hayer Daniel Simmons Biological Sciences
Lauren Palmer Mary Beth Miele Medical Technology
James Psathas Colin Thorpe Chemistry and Biochemistry
Erwin Puente Cindy Carson Biological Sciences
Jamie Robinson Eugene Mueller Chemistry and Biochemistry
Aditya Sharma John Koh Chemistry and Biochemistry
Courtney Smith Mary Beth Miele Medical Technology
Phillip Stanek Mary Anne McLane Medical Technology
Earl Stoddard Daniel Simmons Biological Sciences
Rozie Townsend Melinda Duncan Biological Sciences
Benjamin Thuma Douglass Taber Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dana Ungerbuehler Anne Skaja Robinson Chemical Engineering
Michael Usher Eric Kmiec Biological Sciences
Laura Vella Diane Herson Biological Sciences
Natalie Weaver Diane Herson Biological Sciences
Lacy Weisenberg Calvin Keeler Animal and Food Sciences
Alice Wong Mary Anne McLane Medical Technology
Marlena Yost Malcolm Taylor Biological Sciences

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