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Feb. 8
First Class Presentation. Introductions of tutors, students, and instructor.
Class Canceled due to Snow Storm

Feb. 10
Discussion of the course. Formation of groups. Formulation of group ground rules. Group assignment. Class Canceled due to Snow Storm #2
Feb. 12
POGIL Activity I in preparation for the Stokes 1864 article as home work.

Class as originally planned for February 10..
Feb. 15
"Blue and Gold" demonstration in class for group discussion. 
Feb. 17
Read Stokes (1864) and the background material for  class. Formulate a list of learning issues

Feb. 19
Discuss personal learning issues. from Stokes (1864) and formulate group learning issues to pursue.
Spectroscopic demo of blood redox chemistry
Feb. 22
Homework assignment due. Grading Rubrics. Demonstration of Stokes Section 11 experiments and class discussion of its significance.
Feb. 24
POGIL Activity II for Stokes 1864 article.
Feb. 26
Final day for group discussion of remaining learning issues.
Mar. 1
Group Quiz at beginning of class. Whole class discussion of Stokes (1864).

Mar. 3
Read Background to Zinoffsky. and Zinoffsky (1886). Formulate a list of Learning issues. Turn in a copy at the beginnining of class..
Mar. 5
Discuss personal learning issues from Zinoffsky (1886) and formulate group learning issues to pursue. Turn in a duplicate list of your learning issues at the beginning of class.
Mar. 8

Wrap up discussion of Zinoffsky's article.

Jigsaw groups will beformed to study the articles listed for March 12 & 14. Each group will study different articles.
Mar. 10 and 12
Hemoglobin Oxygen Binding: Bohr et al. (1904) and Peters (1912), Read Douglas et al (1912) bkgd in conjunction with these articles.
Size of Hemoglobin Svedberg article, Svedberg&Fahraeus (1926) bkgd.
Sickle Cell Anemia: Herrick (1912) bkgd and Diggs et al. (1933) bkgd Source articles in your reader.
Hemoglobin Redox Chemistry:
Conant article, Conant (1923) bkgd. Turn in a duplicate list of your learning issues at the beginning of class Mar.10.
Mar. 15
Jigsaw groups continue to resolve their learning issues and work to prepare a concept map  of their articles.
Mar. 17
Final day for jigsaw groups to work on their learning issues and prepare a concept map to distribute to the class on Friday.
Mar. 19
Jigsaw Group Assignment due.
Return to home Groups
Mar. 22
Midterm peer/self/group/course evaluation due by Wednesday AM.. 
“Home” group preparation for Midterm examination
Mar. 24
Part 1 – Individual
In 206 Brown Lab

Mar. 26


Part 2 – Group Part

     March 28 to April 5



Apr. 5
Tutors move to new groups. Review Midterm Exam, First half of Course, and Group Ground Rules.  Discuss Hemoglobinopathy assignment
Apr. 7
Video interview with Linus Pauling.
Apr. 9
Group discussion of personal learning issues and formulation of group learning issues from Pauling et al. (1949) and background material.
Apr. 12
Continued Discussion of personal and group learning issues associated with Pauling et al. (1949).
Apr. 14
Continued Discussion of what remaining learning issues for the Pauling et al. (1949) article.
Apr. 16
Abstract for Pauling et al. (1949) due.
Group Quiz
at beginning of class.
Wrap up Pauling et al. (1949). Introduction to
Apr. 19
Be prepared to discuss personal learning issues associated with the articles by Ingram (1958). Generate a list of group learning issues to pursue
Apr. 21
Continued discussion of articles by Ingram (1958 & 1959).
Apr. 23
Continued discussion of personal and group learning issues associated with Ingram's articles. 
Apr. 26
Group open-notes Quiz on 
Ingram (1958 & 1959).

Apr. 28
Learning Issue Reports for Dintzis (1961) POGIL activity related to
Dintzis (1961) and
April 30
Discussion of personal and group learning issues associated with articles by Dintzis.
May 3
Protein Synthesis video. Read Dintzis retrospective article.
May 5
Wrapup Dintzis (1961)-transition to  Allison (1954) 
May 7
POGIL Activity introducing Allison (1954)
May 10
Discussion of Allison (1954) and background material,
Learning isses due.

May 12
Discussion of Allison (1954)
Read Allison retrospective article.
May 14
May 17
Last Day of Class
Discussion of Hemoglobinopathy variants.
Shemin and Hemin PBL problem
Complete University course evaluation and On-line Final Peer/Self/ Group/ evaluation before Wednesday
May 19
Graded Hemoglobinopathy papers returned to students who have completed the online evaluations.

Review session for final examination Sunday, May 23 at 5-7PM in 205 Brown Lab
Monday, May 24, 7-10 PM in
206 Brown Laboratory (Individual) and 205 Brown Laboratory
Last year's Exam:

Individual Part    Group Part

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