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Professor Charles G. Riordan

Vice President for Research, Scholarship & Innovation
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

211 Lammot DuPont Laboratory
(302) 831-1073 (Office)
(302) 831-4518 (Laboratory)
(302) 831- 4007 (Research Office)

124 Hullihen Hall

Email: riordan(at)udel.edu

Twitter: @cgriordan




Our research program focuses on frontier mechanistic problems in inorganic chemistry that may be probed through synthesis, reactivity and kinetic studies.  Research at this interface requires the tools of chemical synthesis, spectroscopy and physical organic chemistry.  The studies are collaborative and multidisciplinary.  We are taking a bio-inspired approach to explore small molecule activation via low valent, late transition metal complexes, such as nickel(I), cobalt(I) and iron(I).  Reductive activation of dioxygen as well as sulfur and selenium, by nickel(I) represents a major current focus.  Other ongoing efforts include C-H activation by molecular nickel-(su)peroxides and –selenides, oxygen evolution from nickel species and iron complexes with redox-active ligands.

ACS-Division of Inorganic Chemistry   Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry   American Association for the Advancement of Science


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