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Welcome to GROMMET!
A Facility for Computational Research in the Chemical Sciences and Engineering


New Gaussian Setup Commands
Gaussian users: please begin using the new Gaussian setup command, "setGauss", instead of "setg98", etc. Using "setGauss" alone will always configure for the newest version of Gaussian available on Grommet, while older versions may be accessed by appending a version number to the "setGauss" command:

To configure version......use this command.(old command)
Gaussian 94setGauss 94setg94
Gaussian 98, original releasesetGauss 98setg98
Gaussian 98, a3setGauss a3setg98.a3
Gaussian 98, a6setGauss a6 
Gaussian 98, a7setGauss a7setg98.a7
Gaussian 98, a9setGausssetg98.a9
All About Grommet...
  Research done using Grommet
  Description of the facility
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Participating Faculty
Chemical Engineering
  Abraham Lenhoff
  Stanley Sandler
  Norman Wagner

  Robert Bach
  Douglas Doren
  Robert Wood

Mechanical Engineering
  Hai Wang

Physics & Astronomy
   Krzystof Szalewicz

The Grommet facility was made possible by funding from the National Science Foundation's Major Research Instrumentation Program

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