Genetic Predisposition To Criminality -
Should It Be Monitored?

The study of behavioral genetics is a vastly expanding field that has at least two major goals.  The first is to understand the basic underlying mechanisms of behaviors in biological terms.  The second is to use the information to accurately predict behavior.  Criminal behavior is of special interest for understanding because effective treatments for such behavior would benefit societies all over the world.

It is on this basis that this site was constructed.  Given the rapidly advancing knowledge of genetic determinants of human behavior, if a genetic marker is found for criminal behavior should it be used to screen infants to identify and monitor those who may become criminals.  We feel that the answer to this question is absolutely not.  Our goal with this web site is to educate the reader about different aspects of this issue and why screening of infants for criminal behavior, in fact any behavior, should not be attempted or condoned by society.  Follow the links below to learn more.

What Are Genes?

The Human Genome Project

Genetic Basis of Criminal Behavior

Sociological Basis of Criminal Behavior

Legal Issues


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