Architectural Character - Non Core


  • The campus, by virtue of the mission it serves, is an assembly of academic and non-academic spaces and buildings.
  • Georgian design principles succeed when applied to buildings whose functions can be accommodated within smaller-scale buildings.
  • When building forms are scaled to accommodate large and specialized uses, they are forced to abandon Georgian design principles of proportion, human scale and balanced composition.
  • Non-core buildings are at liberty to depart from the Georgian style in order to respond to their unique uses.


  • In order to accommodate research demands, buildings off the core will need to be denser and of greater height.


Non-core Architecture

Non-core Architecture

Brown Lab approaching along the east Green.

Non-core Architecture

The Morris Library is one the most heavily trafficked buildings on campus.

Non-core Architecture

The Bob Carpenter Center serves the campus community and region as a venue for music, entertainment and sports.