Male Reproductive System

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Corpus Cavernosum / Urethra Seminal Vesicle Low Magnification 1
Corpus Spongiosum Seminal Vesicle Low Magnification 2
Ductuli Efferentes Seminal Vesicle Low Magnification 3
Efferent Duct Seminiferous Tubule 1
Epididymus 1 Seminiferous Tubule 2
Epididymus 2 Seminiferous Tubule 3
Epididymus 3 Seminiferous Tubule 4
Epididymus 4 Seminiferous Tubules & Leydig Cells
Epididymus & Efferent Ducts Sertoli Cells, High Magnification
Epididymus & Sterocilia Spermatic Cord
Early Spermatogonia & Late Spermatids Spermatids Early & Late 1
Interstitial Cells of Leydig 1 Spermatocyte & Spermatids
Interstitial Cells of Leydig 2 Spermatocytes, Spermatogonia, & Sertoli Cells
Penis, Transverse Section Spermatogonia & Spermatids, Feulgen Stain
Prostate Gland, High Magnification Spermatogonia & Spermatids 2
Prostate Gland, Low Magnification Spermatogonia & Spermatids 1
Prostate Gland Mucosa Spermatogonia, Spermatocytes, & Spermatids
Prostate Gland, Panoramic Spermatogonia, Feulgen, Low Mag 1
Prostatic Concretions Spermatogonia, Feulgen, Low Mag 2
Rete Testes Testes, Panoramic
Seminal Vesicle High Magnification 1 Vas Deferens Muscle Layers
Seminal Vesicle High Magnification 2 Vas Deferens